The DC Cinematic Universe Needs More Kirby


I don’t pretend to understand the minutia of major film studio economics or the deep dive they’ve taken into adapting comic book properties other then the obvious that a) it’s much easier to sell audiences on intellectual property that they already have a relationship with, especially in foreign markets and b) comics fucking rule. I do know that comic book films have taken over the summer movie slate and DC Comics is going to do their best to establish their large scale fictional universe on the big screen over the next coming decade or so starting with next years Superman vs Batman: Something, something, something…. featuring such DC Comics mainstays as the afore mentioned Superman and Batman along with Wonder Woman, Aquaman & Cyborg. DC has a checkered history adapting their properties onto film. On the one hand they arguably invented the modern super hero film with Ricahrd Donner’s Superman and it’s many sequals and you’d have a hard time finding a film franchise more successful then the many Batman iterations outside of Star Wars. Past that though things get a bit dicey; attempts at a modern Superman film over the last decade have been non starters or more recently highly debatable as to how successful they’ve been while other DC properties that have been adapted for the big screen like Green Lantern, The Watchmen, Constantine, Jonah Hex or The Losers were out and out failures unequivocally.  That’s a sum total of big success with Batman, some success with Superman, establishing the Red franchise and a whole lot of crap. Not too smooth of a track record. I’m sure Diane Nelson has a hard enough time having to organize her “Fire Dan DiDio” file, sending Zac Snyder internal memo’s how the next Superman film should NOT be a shirtless pushup competition between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill while she’s waiting on a read reicept on that e-mail she sent to Capullo about having Bruce Wayne in a Bruins jersey for brand synergy all the while having to sort through all the “rad” Flash tv show idea’s Geoff Johns keeps sending. So I’m not going to presume that Mrs. Nelson needs any advice from me but I will ask what do The Avengers, The X-Men, Captain America, Thor & Iron Man all have in common besides being published by Marvel? They are all part of hit movie franchises and more importantly they were all created or designed by a man named Jack Kirby.


Even more importantly in the context of this conversation Jack Kirby did arguably his best work at DC Comics. So in honor of the man’s birthday I’m going to spitball some idea’s for how some of the man’s greatest creations can translate to film and hopefully make DC Comics lot’s of money. Trust me they will be better then watching Ben Affleck workout with his shirt off…..again.

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