DC’s Post-Crisis Rebirth: The Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League

During the month of September, DC Comics will be doing a line-wide crossover event affecting almost all of their superhero titles. If you’d like to skip this event but still need your DC fix, NBC has you covered with DC’s Post Crisis Rebirth. In it we will explore the many important, influential and just plain rad titles that came out of DC Comics original line-wide reboot.

Kevin Maguire

The sentiment, “You always remember your first one” may be a bit of a cliché, but it does have more than a small amount of truth to it. The case in point: the Keith Giffen/J.M DeMatteis Justice League. This iteration of the League was the first I ever encountered, immediately becoming addicted to its wacky, offbeat mix of humor and character. Also, there were storylines which, in retrospect, were just as absurd as anything Grant Morrison would cook up for Doom Patrol. So much did I identify with this version of the League that when DC eventually decided they wanted to revert to a more conventional tone, it was unrecognizable to me. What was it with all these serious villains all of a sudden? More Superman, less bwah-ha-ha-ha-ing? Yes, the Dan Jurgens art was nice, but really? I did not stick around long, dropping the title soon after. To this day, ask me my favorite iteration of the League and I’ll readily answer the Giffen/DeMatteis one.
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