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The NBC! team loves to pick the week’s best comic for “This Week’s Finest!“, and we want to give all members of the NBC! community the opportunity to voice their pick for the best comic of the week.  Below is a poll comprised of all the comics listed in the NBC! pull lists for this week – which one did you think was the best?

Please vote, and please let us know which comic you voted for – and why – in the comments.  The poll will close at 11:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Sunday, October 26, 2014, when we’ll announce the winner of YOUR WEEK’S FINEST!

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Future Foundation: How To Fix The Fantastic Four

So we know now that the Fantastic Four series will be “ending” sometime next year and that’s all we know. I know absoloutely nothing besides that and while I’m wary to believe Rich Jonston and his sensationalism of comics news (especially when it’s related to non Bleeding Cool advertisers) I concede that he does know more then I do and that he could be entirely accurate in saying the Fantastic Four will be cancelled for the movie in some capacity to mess with Fox. Now this sounds ridiculous but Marvel is a company that is historically prone to do ridiculous things so it’s entirely possible. But let’s say that there will be another Fantastic Four comic someday in the next year and let’s say that Marvel want’s that comic to be successful; how do they do this? I think Marvel needs to consider what the Fantastic Four is and what makes it work because if we look at the past ten years of the series clearly it hasn’t been working or at least it wasn’t working most of the time.  That’s because I don’t think the Fantastic Four works in a modern context with a “big name” creative team. I think it has to be a talented “unknown” or “indie guy” that will have the room to shape the title to their style without the larger comics populace noticing. As a concept the Fantastic Four doesn’t work the way a lot of other superhero (especially Marvel) comics work within the context of 2014 or really the 2000’s altogether and probably earlier than that. So much of it’s minutia is ingrained with the lifestyle of the early 1960’s in a way that no other “major” super hero franchise is and I mean “major” in terms of being continuously published and having multiple major studio films. There is a reason it’s had that but it has almost nothing to do with the Fantastic Four in and of itself and everything to do with the legacy of the property. And that’s fine but that doesn’t mean that you can do the same old thing that’s always been done on the book because when you do it puts too high a degree of difficulty on the series and it’s creators. It’s a recipe for failure that we’ve seen happen over and over again and until Marvel realizes that the Fantastic Four will always be second tier hero’s being propped up in the first tier because of their historical significance, it’s going to keep happening.

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