FRIDAY FLASH FACT – The Flash’s Costume Ring is “Sheer Plagiarism”

Flash Ring
Barry Allen changes into his Flash costume.

When DC Comics character Barry Allen wants to assume his superhero identity of The Flash, he presses a small stud on a hollow ring that conceals Allen’s compressed Flash costume; the costume is ejected from the ring and Allen then dons the costume at super-speed.   It’s a neat costume change gimmick that was inspired by an obscure 1920s pulp character created by the same author who created the iconic character Zorro.

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This Week’s Finest- The Wicked + Divine #3

         Wicked + Divine 3 Stephanie Hans Overview:  This week I read quite a few fantastic comics.  It  was a Wednesday full of exciting new books by established creators, but in the end the book that stuck with me the most was Wic + Div #3.  This issue picks up with Laura having snuck out to a secret and literally underground concert where one of the Pantheon has appeared to have met their end.  Then we encounter police, upset parents, a grounded teenager, and more investigating into who framed Luci.

          Gillen’s script is delightfully crass, McKelvie and Wilson once again prove they’re incapable of doing anything less than stellar art, and we’re all left to run off and Google all these new and exciting deities for clues as to what will happen next month.   So let’s dig in a bit, yeah?

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Tyler takes his fedora out of the closet for….
The Fade Out 1The Fade Out #1
Hollywoodland circa 1940’s; A place where dreams were made or destroyed, and everybody was out to get rich and famous, no matter the cost. Journey with Brubaker and Phillips to a time of dames, fedoras, and smoke-filled night clubs. A pitch-black noir told by the best in the business, missing out is not an option, you’ve been warned ;)

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Mad New Shit Coming From Image Comics In November 2014


Image Comics has released their solicitations for November 2014 with a handful of new releases in the pipeline. In addition to the previously announced Ody-C, Tooth & Claw, The Drifter, Prophet Earth War and Intersect all getting release dates for November Image also announced a new book from Michael Avon Oeming of Powers, United States Of Murder Inc, The Vicitories, Mice Templar & Thor  where he will team with his better half Taki Soma of Rapture, Taiko & Darkhorse Presents titled Synergy in addition to new comics by Bill and Zachary Schwartz, Michael Stock and a new special one shot of Madman from Michael Allred of Silver Surfer, X-Static & FF with contributions from Emma Rios of Pretty Deadly & Oswald, Nick Dragota of East Of West & Fantastic Four, Jae Lee of The Inhumans & Batman/Superman, Sean Murphy of The Wake & Punk Rock Jesus, Becky Cloonen of Batman & Conan The Barbarian, Declan Shalvey of Moon Knight & Deadpool and more. Detail at Image Comics

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