Vertigo Announces New Quarterly

vertigo-quarterly-4-331x500-9e331Fan favorite publisher and creator owned innovator Vertigo is launching a new quarterly series in April 2013 with the first issue featuring work by Jock, Fabio Moon, Javier Fernandez and more. Details via Nerdist

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11 thoughts on “Vertigo Announces New Quarterly”

  1. Great news! I will grab this, but I just know that it’s probably going to be $8, so I hope it comes out on a light week :)

      1. Yup
        “Starting with CYAN this Spring…….Followed by MAGENTA in summer, YELLOW in fall and BLACK in winter, you’ll see color throughout the year as only Vertigo can deliver.”

  2. Definitely all over this! Sounds very cool. The potential big price tag will hurt but it’s quarterly so just stretch that price over 3 months and it wont seem so bad.

  3. An anthology series from Vertigo is a great idea. As other have commented, the price tag is a little steep, so I’ll probably buy these on an issue by issue basis depending on creators. Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing with their anthology one-shots . . .

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