3 comments on “Allegory and Symbolism in Brubakers Captain America

  1. It is amazing how “certain people” talk about how taxes are “too high” now when under Roosevelt and Eisenhower the tax rate got over 90% and Roosevelt even took all of the income over 25 grand (about 350 grand today) of citizens during war time. This was the time that most of America’s infrastructure was built and it is about to fall down if we don’t raise taxes and start rebuilding this country. If you go to Europe or Asia you begin to realize how things are crumbling here. England and Germany have roads that don’t look they have just been strafed by a Stuka.
    Anyway, Roosevelt was a great president and it sucks how both him and Woodrow Wilson were in poor health late in both World Wars because if they weren’t I think they would have fought for “the better angels” of American nature and prevented WWII (WIlson) and all this mess in the middle east (Roosevelt).

    Yes, Cap and Brubaker equals awesome and thanks, I had not realized how Cap’s struggle and seemingly assassination was so representative of Roosevelt’s America clashing with the present.

    • Thanks man. I’m not as sure if this was the intent behind Brubakers story but it is how I read it. I know a lot of NBC Fam are reading is for the first time and I’d be curios to see what there take is. Absoloutely right about taxes. You’d think people would fucking learn after the crash of 2008 but no. Someday.

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