27 thoughts on “Review of A Voice in the Dark #3”

  1. You know what would be rad? If you took requests from the readers and did video reviews of those.

    You could call it, “The One Who Reviews”

    If you think you might be down for something like that let me be the first to throw in my request….

    “YOUNGBLOOD” #1 (1992) by Rob Liefield! (hey I didn’t say they had to be good comics. ;))

  2. Awesome review, Deano! I like everything you had to say about this.
    Couple of cons: please speak up. The music was loud and your voice was very soft spoken.
    The slide show where you’re reading different comics, you do the same pose for all. Mix it up with different reading poses and angles.
    Bring up comments from other users concerning the book you’re reviewing. The more people feel involved, the more they feel they belong, thus the more they’ll want to tune in.
    Lastly, inject a little humor. Works for Marvel movies.
    Pros: perfect timing. Not too long, not too short.
    The shirt you’re wearing is fantastic. Never seen it before. I want one!
    Perfect choice in picking this book. I want to see reviews on books that are new to people/me (one of the reasons I like Phess’s underground reviews). Of course, the occasional Batman review would be good just so most of us can comment on how cool it is (and that’s my point, we ALREADY know Batman is an awesome read), but I want to be exposed to something that’s new and unfamiliar to most. Like A Voice in the Dark.

    To be honest, you could change nothing and I would still watch. I think you guys are doing a fantastic job of making this site fun and interesting. Most importantly, you guys got the balls to try new stuff, put it out there and ask for feedback. Much respect.

    1. This is fantastic feedback Sitara! Thank you!
      I will work with all these suggestions. Hopefully this is the first of many so I will always be looking to improve.
      I totally wore that shirt just for you! One of my favorites.
      I love when people review things I dont know about so now i try out a lot of new books and try to get the word out on them. There is so much great new work out there that hopefully i can shed some light on.
      Thanks again for the great comment bud

      1. Good. I was hoping that I didn’t sound like a pretentious know-it-all. I was just trying to be honest about what I would like to see. Glad that came across well. 🙂

        1. Constructive criticism is what makes this go from good to great :). I welcome it with open arms. Plus now i have a reason to convice my wife I need new recording equipment!

  3. Great review, Dean. I thought the review length was the perfect amount of time. I thought you were very natural, and you did a wonderful job of explaining why A VOICE IN THE DARK is such a great book. And I’m glad you gave so much praise to that stunning cover.

  4. Great review man, again, not a series I am familiar with, really enjoyed what you had to say and I may pick it up in trade one day.
    That cover is beyond eye-catching! Curious to read this series just to take in the artwork.

    As far as feedback about the video…you guys know exactly what your doing 😉
    Fantastic job. What a week it’s been for NBC!

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