Review of Where Is Jake Ellis? #4

Where is Jake Ellis 4by Nathan Edmondson & Toni Zonjic

Where Is Jake Ellis? #4 returns after an over year long hiatus to continue the story where the mystery is still slowly unraveling and this issue does reveal much while still leaving many questions left unanswered for the next and final issue. The comic starts by showing flashbacks to the stories origin before seesawing back into it’s penultimate chapter of the narrative. While having so much time in between issues hurts the story on some level if you know the gist of the plot the story is still pretty great in and of itself as both a stand alone comic and a continuation of the series as well. The thing about the Jake Ellis series is that it essentially the same story over and over again with Jon being told by Jake how to escape although the climax here leaves a certain level of finality to that premise. Edmondson profile has raised quite a bit since the last issue of the series was published but even with that it still feels very much in his vision as the type of science fiction/espionage setting that’s his wheel house and as the premise of the series still lends itself to intense story telling although the emotional payoff for the issues ending is somewhat mitigated by the time off between each issue. I suspect this will still read well as a collection even though the final act from this issue felt inevitable as soon as it was set up. Toni Zonjic’s art here is as solid as ever in the sort of goth Chris Samnee style that lends itself well to the action within and the burnt orange color schemes do well to set the mood. Overall a good single issue comic that works better as a piece of a sum total. Who/Where Is Jake Ellis? is still a very good series but readers would be better reading it one sitting at this point, whenever that may be possible.

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