Review of Transformers vs GI Joe #2

jun140409by John Barber & Tom Scioli

IDW’s Transformers vs GI Joe continues to be a fun romp extending the wild space cowboy by way of Jack Kirby narrative established by past issue’s while exponentially expanding on the scope of laws of it’s universe. Issue #2 is extra fun as it switched up the narrative of both what we’ve seen in the book past as well as these properties where the Joe’s end up on Cybertron while sticking to the script where all hell breaks lose. It’s an interesting three way conflict being created where the Joe’s, Autobots and Decepticon’s are all fighting each other with varying motivations. Scioli’s art rocks as it continues to bring all of that to vibrant life in his own style which is part hyper detailed, part super cartoony and part super goofy in all the right ways. His Kirbyesqye visual narrative is as fun and dynamic here as his best past work like Godland & American Barbarian while you can just feel the fun he’s having in drawing all these larger then life characters and worlds. It’s kind of unbelievable that this is what we are getting out of comic about two properties from toy companies fighting each other but I seriously wish that it could go on forever. When so much of corporate comics is this very cynical sell you anything to get money or this stock post Watchmen edgy/brooding nonsense to have a series like this feels so refreshing and exciting. Transformers vs GI Joe didn’t have to be anything as it’s title pretty sells it to it’s highest potential but they went and made it as cool as possible anyway and that is beautiful thing.

3 thoughts on “Review of Transformers vs GI Joe #2”

  1. I agree; I applaud IDW and Hasbro for allowing this comic to take risks and be something special and unconventional.

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