I love the television show Breaking Bad and I love the comic book artist Francesco Francavilla, so imagine my joy when I found out that Francesco has done a series of posters for each episode of Breaking Bad!


There hasn’t been an adjective invented yet to properly express just how cool these are. Check out some here down below and the whole series at Francavilla’s Blog.









23 thoughts on “BREAKING FRANCAVILLA!”

  1. Oh my! This is amazing! I also love Francavilla, and Breaking Bad is okay I guess (that’s a joke). I think my favorite has to be the 5.15 one. For some reason it gives me the chills. Favorite one Erik?

          1. Mmm, not really. As O’Neil wrote DURING the 70’s, it’s pretty straightforward. FF drew those in a kind of swag-SHAFT style.

    1. Wait, Francavilla’s doing Guardians of the Galaxy? I dropped the current series a few issues back, but, damn, I just may need to pick it up again for those (maybe he can even redeem Angela’s look?)

    1. I bought the zero issue of Black Beetle and liked it, but, at the time couldn’t fit it into my budget. I do want to go back and read more of it someday.

      1. I really loved it. Prolly one of the more underrated series but in reality almost every really good series from Darkhorse is underrated outside of Brian Woods stuff

  2. Ya the Black Beetle is at the top of my list for best pulp style hero along with the one that’s coming out right now, ???? is it Captain Midnight ??? I just got a mental block. Anyway there are a lot of crappy pulp hero books out right now and these 2 have been the best of the year.

    1. Yeah, I wish that I could be more into the Dynamite books, but, I’ve let both Shadow Year One & Waid’s Green Hornet slide. The thing that bugs me about so much of Dynamite’s pulp line is their need to toss so many of their characters into the present day.

    2. I don’t even read any of them outside of Beetle and that’s because of FF. Shadow was alright when Ennis was on it. I’m looking forward to when Chaykin starts writing Shadow next year.

  3. Ya Cosmo I gave a few of the Shadow books a try and even Waid’s Green Hornet plus a few more really bad ones, ha. The Black Beetle was the only one that I thought, hmmm “this is pretty good”. Dark Horses Captain Midnight is worth a shot if you haven’t tried it (he is tossed into some kind of alternate future in it though). It’s surprisingly good.

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