Let’s Talk Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


This is a little last minute, but I (Alex) figured I would open this post for us all to discuss tonight’s premiere episode.

I’m sure another member will write up something longer analyzing this episode, but for now, the comments are open.  Let’s chat!

After the events of The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson assembles a small team of agents to investigate a mysterious group called the Rising Tide. In doing so, they encounter Mike Peterson (J. August Richards), an ordinary man who has acquired superhuman powers.


36 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

  1. I enjoyed the hell out of the show. Spoilers of course:it was awesome to have the Extremis technology and seeing the flying super car at the end!Nice twists in the story where I said wtf a few times.

    1. I completely agree. This was a great opening episode. Already they are dropping threads to continue through the series, such as the Coulson situation. The ending was a bit too Back to the Future for me, but it was still pretty cool. Excited for the next episode.

  2. This was great! What a fun show. I love the team! We spent a good amount of time with each character and there was not one character that I didn’t like. The truth serum scene had my wife chuckling, so fun for all with this one. Very excited about this and excited for next week. Good job Marvel!

  3. Yep, really enjoyed that. Looking forward to the coming weeks once I’m more used to the characters and the mythology really kicks in but a good start.

    Hopefully with the cheaper weekly budget they can keep up the same production values, I liked the BBTF ending though. We all knew it was coming but it was fun when it finally happened.

    My only fear is how they’re gonna incorporate any existing Marvel heroes. Is a regular weekly show gonna be able to do them justice or are they gonna stick to original generic types like tonight?

    If they do use proper Marvel characters will their TV look suddenly be reflected in the comic books like the Movie characters? Not so much a fan of that.

      1. Well, it wasn’t that bad I guess – but yeah, I just have a problem with network TV. It all seems too “clean” you know what I mean? Too “commercially” or something. I need more grit in my shows – which is why I stick to AMC and HBO and Showtime. The shows there are better produced and better written.

        Tonight’s episode did not suck me in right away and make me care for these Agents. I kept finding myself drifting to other things while watching – not a good sign. The writers were trying way too hard to “Joss Whedon” things up, but failed because, well, Joss didn’t write the whole thing, only half, and I wonder just how much he truly did write? Plus, do all the Agents REALLY need to look like they just stepped out of a Victoria Secret catalog? I have the same problem with The Walking Dead – the actors there are WAY to clean and good looking to convince me they are in the middle of a zombie Apocalypse. I mean Lori has time to wash and blow dry her hair so it flows so beautifully in the air while shes running from the undead?

        I know I’m just a being a bitter old man here, but yeah, it didn’t do anything for me. I’ll stick with the movies.

        And dudes, the end? With the flying car? Ugh.

        1. The writers of the pilot were Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen. The fantastic writing trio of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. While I didn’t feel this lived up to that, it was pretty good. It was great to see some Whedon Regulars in roles that I hope will be recurring.

          Some bits did feel a bit forced so that was annoying. I did enjoy it though. (On a side note, Network TV do make some really good shows that’ll appeal to people that mainly watch Cable such as Hannibal which I highly recommend, it’s great but that’s going a bit off the topic of Comics and Comic related things, just a recommendation)

        2. I wasn’t wowed by it either. I mean I liked Coulson but I didn’t feel any real stakes during the episode and SHIELD came off looking really inept and slow. I’ll give the next episode a try but it’ll be a challenge to win me over.

  4. The flying car was a nice touch to me. That’s old school Captain America stuff, Nick Fury’s old ride.That had to be there somehow.I thought it might be used in the Winter Soldier movie like the comic but I’m glad to see it here.

    1. Yeah that cart or rather a prototype of it appeared in the original Captain America movie as an invention of Howard Stark. It was a really cool touch for the show to tie it to the movies.

  5. I think these lines some up the show for me. Hot Chick says “You guys made a big mistake!” Handsome Guy replies “You don’t look that big.” Quite a few lines like that. It seems you guys really liked it so I won’t say much else. HBO, Showtime, AMC, and FX have shown me what TV should be like.

    1. I pretty much agree with you. Some of the wirting was bad. Like when Coleson makes a comment about the mission being dangerous and Handsome Guy says “I have done a drop into enemy territory under fire, this will be nothing”. Just kind of lame. But it wasn’t all bad. I thought the fighting was good and it was obvious that they spent a lot of money on the show. The writing and delivery in Arrow was pretty bad at the start too, so I’ll keep watching to see how things pan out. I would give it a 6/10

  6. I pretty much got from this what I was expecting. No, it’s not on the same level as Breaking Bad but then you wouldn’t expect it to be. I love Fast and the Furious movies so I don’t go expecting Shakespeare.

    I think that ABC should be applauded for taking the chance on a show like this. Usually it’d be hidden away on CW or Sci-Fi but instead it’s on a main network and up against ratings giant NCIS over on CBS. I like NCIS but I just wait and buy the box set every September while I made the effort to watch SHIELD (admittedly I cheated. I don’t actually watch anything “live” because I can’t stand advert breaks).

    In this day and age when scripted drama is so under threat from hideous “talent” shows and ghastly reality TV (surely the worst thing ever), we should all make the effort to try and support this. If we can even sway just one random chav from watching American Idol or Fucking Honey Boo Boo then that’s a win for us.

    1. At the end of the day what really matters is if you’re entertained and not how artistic something is. I agree. No judgement here for the most part. Enjoy the show good sir.

  7. It was….there. Just a lot of odd parts, network TV always feels so sterile and disingenuous.

    First off, the happy-go-lucky comic relief girl that is a super ridiculous hacker that even S.H.I.E.L.D. knows nothing about……which then gets caught in her van in the middle of some cheesy broadcast.

    Most of the lines were just….bleh. The whole Fitz & Simmons angle along with the “7 little dwarves” tech motif was just too much cheese for me as well.

    I’ll probably see the show in passing but that’s about it. I think only Melinda May and Coulson really interested me. Oh and that beginning scene where the Agent dude got caught in the secret fireplace was pretty cool.

  8. it was ok. some crummy dialogue, annoyingly quippy as well (yeah, Whedon, blah blah), and I didn’t like the whole brit=brains Asian=karate of it either. and why did they spend half of the budget remaking the end of Back to the Future?:)

    i’ll give it a few episodes, it’s something to watch on On Demand.

  9. I thought the first episode was very solid. My only real complaint was that some of the acting was kind of bad, with the girl who plays Sky probably being the worst. Otherwise I had a lot of fun watching it, it’s great to have Colson back and I’m super happy they have Cobie Smulders in it (a least a little bit) as Maria Hill. I really feel like the show has a lot of potential and look forward to seeing where it goes now that the “origin” episode is out of the way.

  10. I liked seeing Agent Coulson again with his dry wit and mild mannered charm. I was a little more excited in the beginning when I thought Michael Peterson was Luke Cage. I thought that might open the door to seeing other street level Avengers like Iron Fist, White Tiger or maybe even Daredevil. I mean, that’s still possible, I just thought Peterson was lame and that they missed an opportunity to introduce some really cool 2nd and 3rd tier characters from the get-go.
    I’m not sold on the team of agents. As mentioned above, I thought they were too pretty ( I know, little superficial, but there it is) and not very interesting as individuals.
    HOWEVER, it’s still early and there’s plenty of room to grow. A lot of shows have rocky starts and manage to work out the kinks to become awesome. Here’s hoping.

  11. The best part of the episode was Skye’s legs at the end… Those legs were made to kill! 0_o

    But all in all, I wasn’t totally sold yet but still it wasn’t bad. I still prefer Arrow, though! 😉

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