Why Aren’t You Reading This? 9/25/13

Each week, the NBC Staff will share various comics we think are worthy to be your pull list.  These issues will be picked based upon just how excited we are for them to come out.  We dig them, and you might too.

Feel free to let us know what YOU think WE should buy in the comment section below.

Bringing his A game…Ukerupp thinks you should try:

The wakeThe Wake #4 (DC/Vertigo)
By Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

Scott Snyder doing what he does best.  Horror.  After his work on Severed (Image Comics) and with the hiatus of American Vampire (Vertigo), it is nice to see Synder playing in the field of suspense and terror again.  The cliffhanger from issue three left me wanting more, more, more, and now that I have finally been given that “more,” I am scared to flip open the first page.  Great stuff by a great writer and artist.

empoweredCrack open a cold one, Nightwing1997 thinks you should try…

Empowered Special: Nine Beers With Ninjette

Adam Warren and Takeshi Miyazawa

Bare with me, here… It’s actually good. This series by Adam Warren is about a kooky ninja-girl and her escapades in battling evil, perverts, and her boyfriend. The lead is, like her namesake, empowered and independent in her role as a hero and a woman (take a look at this shit, DC!). This special should be a good place to start this award-winning series.

Red Team

Breaking kneecaps and chewing bubblegum…Ghostmann thinks you should try:

Red Team #5
Garth Ennis and Craig Cermak

What if someone tried to be the Punisher for real? That is basic premise of Garth Ennis’ Red Team – but there is nothing basic about this intense series. Told from the interrogation table, the story of Red Team laid out in flashbacks from the people involved. Vigilante justice is something that Ennis excels in and this book does not disappoint.


Drink the Kindt Kool-aid…Cosmo thinks you should try:

Mind MGMT #15
Matt Kindt 

Have you noticed how this site has some very vocal supporters of Matt Kindt (myself included)? And have you been wondering what exactly all the fuss is about? Well, this is it: one of the most original, engaging stories being told in comics right now. In addition, Kindt’s beautiful watercolor artwork is alone worth the price of admission. The current arc is made up of a series of self-contained background stories, so it’s a great place for jumping on. Go ahead, you won’t regret it . . .

Avengers Assemble #19Relax, it’s only another Avengers title…Patrickhess1 thinks you should try:

Avengers Assemble #19 (Marvel)
By Kelly Sue DeConnick and Barry Kitson

If Hickman’s Avengers is too cold and all over the place for you I suggest you start reading this title ASAP. Kelly Sue is probably the funniest writer in Superhero comics right now and this series more then any has the humor on overdrive. Some of the many hilarious moments in this series include Hulk making Spiderwomen a sandwich because of her Pheromones, Spiderman labeling Tony Starks and Bruce Banners separate teams as “team happy” and “team sad”, Spiderwomen inserting herself as an awkward third wheel sitting in-between Hawkeye and Black Widow on a trip to Russia, Tony Stark and the Hulk walking naked from Avengers Tower to the Baxter Building and oh so much more. But at the center of this series is it’s gigantic heart and what comes across strongest is how much these charterers love and care for one another. The support they give one another is what matters most and that’s the ongoing consent of the series, What’s most important is not there superpowers but the people behind them and how much mean to one another. This is a “team” book in the best sense of the word.


Grab your paper bag…Ithosapien thinks you shoud try:

Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #5 (Image Comics)
By Ken Kristensen and M. K. Perker

Satanists, public television, and Affirmative Action all in one.


Cheating his first time up at bat…APoetSomeday thinks you should try:

The Invisibles
By Grant Morrison and Various

Can I cheat a little on this one and do some classic books? Honestly, there aren’t so many books that I’m really psyched about right now and I’d sooner talk about a series that I genuinely LOVED (rather than one I just like). My all-time favorite comics series is Grant Morrison’s masterpiece ‘The Invisibles’. Every bit as deep and complex a work of philosophy as it is an outrageous and frivolous piece of end-20th century pop culture, The Invisibles is sharp, cool and action-packed, plus, it really makes you think (or rather unthink). If you’re a Morrison fan and you haven’t read this, then check out the first trade ‘Say you want a Revolution’ – its a bit slow-starting at first, but stick with it, because it really will alter your perceptions, if not of comic books, then perhaps of reality itself.

21 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Reading This? 9/25/13”

  1. Looking forward to The Wake, the last issue was really good.

    Empowered sounds intriguing . . .

    i read the first several issues of Avengers Assembled and honestly didn’t get into them that much. I will say that the “Hulk must stir hippie peanut butter” panel was pretty priceless.

    I read the first few arcs of The Invisibles when they came out, then fell out of comics for awhile. I’ve been meaning to go back and reread/finish the series. One of these days,

  2. Avengers Assemble is a much better book for me than Hickman’s regular Avengers. It’s exactly what Patrick says above. Smaller more personal stories of the team and not such a huge cast of randoms that really don’t belong. It’s a more tradiational Avengers book and a better character based series.

    Plus it’s the only way to get a decent regular fix of Spider-Woman. My favourite Marvel Heroine.

    I’ve been enjoying KSD’s Captain Marvel but didn’t know quite what to expect from Avengers Assemble after Bendis and Bagley’s initial arc but I like Stefano Caselli’s art so decided to stick around and I’m glad I did. KSD’s first 3 parter was a whole lot of fun and, unlike Hickman’s Avengers, is a more traditional take on the team.

    Wasn’t quite so keen on the second 2 parter that focused on Black Widow (not a fan) and skipped the first Age of Ultron tie in issue (more Black Widow) but issue #15AU… Captain Britain…I have to take my fix wherever I can and this was a pretty decent done in one and better than the main AoU book.

    Now we’re bogged down in Infinity tie-In’s but again, with a focus on Spider-Woman I’ll keep coming back. I just hope that things stay as strong when Warren Ellis comes aboard to co-write with KSD. I hated his issues of Secret Avengers so I hope that Kelly Sue is in over all charge and keeps this book on course.

    1. I’m with you on Spiderwomen. One of my favorite Marvel characters since Bendis started writing her in New Avengers. I really love Ellis but yeah I’m a little worried about him dimming KSD’s voice on the title. Also going to be a tie in with Inhumanity which blah whatever but even these Infinity tie ins have been pretty fantastic in my opinion. What I really hope is that she stays on the title for the long run. I love what she’s doing with the Avengers.

      1. I think that Avengers OGN is out next week. I’m gonna give it a shot. McKone’s art looks OK and I’m hoping that Ellis’ Secret Avengers run was some kind if glitch and this’ll be better. Loved Planetary but his Secret Avengers was just dire.

        I forgot that Avengers Assemble is gonna cross over with the Inhumans re-launch. Never liked The Inhumans and was hoping to avoid all that if possible. That is the one problem with this book. It’s been one run of tie-ins after another.

          1. Another miss from Ellis? Hardly a surprise. Doesn’t he claim to hate super-heroes? So why Marvel keep hiring him to write Avengers books is beyond me.

            Oh well, I didn’t have high expectations and I only paid $12.50 for my copy so…

            1. Ellis’s dialogue and general plot-structure were very awkward. The story was pretty unfulfilling and offered nothing new or exciting.

              The art was… just bad…

        1. Yeah that does suck. I think because it’s the lowest selling Avenger book it’s getting hooked into all these bull shit tie ins. With that said when KSD is writing them they still maintain her style which is why I come to the book in the first place.

  3. So ready for issue #4 of The Wake!
    Since #3 came out, I finally got round to reading The Underwater Welder, and I read it while The Abyss was on in the background…feels like I’ve been on land for too long 😛

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