FREEZE FRAME! The Week’s Best Moments 10/02/2013

This week, our decisions seem to be “black and white.” Here are some of our favorite moments of the week. What were some of your own?

Patrickhess1 freezes…

Green Arrow #24
By Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino

I think I’m reading subliminal messages from Andrea Sorrentino’s art in Green Arrow 24. It told me that our top ten list is fugazi if he’s not on it

Cosmo freezes…

Batman Black & White #2
By Michael Uslan and Dave Bullock

“As a long time silent film fan, I immediately fell for this short tale. The atmospheric art portrays the mood just right, shifting effortlessly from Bruce brooding heavily to springing into action. My favorite panel is where he tilts back the bust with such quiet determination, the light and shadows falling across him so beautifully. There is a joyful spirit in this page, a fitting tribute to those movies which, so many years ago, helped give birth to Gotham’s Dark Knight.”
Ghostmann freezes…

Batman Black & White #2
By Rafael Grampa

In a book filled with worthy moments, Rafael Grampa’s Joker story moment stood out. When Batman appears on the scene, Grampa makes the most of it with a “Dark Knight Triumphant” like entrance.
Nightwing97 freezes…

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1
By Matt Kindt and Marco Rudy 


Ukerupp freezes…

Batman Black & White #2
By Rafael Albuquerque 

I know, I know, ANOTHER Batman B&W page…but it was sooo good. Seeing Batman swoop down on Batman was a fantastic image. This story was also great for me because it featured Deadman (kinda…).
APoetSomeday freezes…

Hinterkind #1
By Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli

“Walking in on your best friend naked is one thing. Walking in on him (ahem) ‘appreciating’ pictures of semi-naked guys is another…But finding out that he has a tail!? That’s gonna make for a strained conversation. This issue brilliantly makes any number of points about any number of things, but does it all in a way that’s cheeky and funny, yet also genuinely shocking.”



8 thoughts on “FREEZE FRAME! The Week’s Best Moments 10/02/2013”

  1. That Hinterkind moment was great! So many things that would be awkward separately shoved into one hilarious moment!

  2. Have to go with Cosmo. Like a cross between Nosferatu and the Batman movie serial, that page is truly amazing. Love it.

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