THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

aug130244DETECTIVE COMICS #24: I don’t know about you guys but when I read Batman comics I want motherfucking Batman not Robocop and Robocop is just what you get in the latest issue of Detective Comics. In the first issue back after Villains Month Det picks up right where it left off – and I totally forgot everything that went on in issue 23. After slugging through issues 23.1. 23.2 23.3 and 23.4 I was completely fucking lost as to what went on before the points took over. Another reason to talk shit about Villains Month. I suppose I better dust off the old Batman issues before next weeks Batman #24 comes out – otherwise I may be completely lost yet again. The only redeeming thing about this issue is the art by Jason Fabok – not too shabby. He draws a mean Robo-bat. My fave moment of the issue: well, I really don’t have a fave moment – I suppose it would be when i got to the last page and the issue was over. WRITING: FAIR / ART: GREAT

Captain America Living Legend #1CAPTAIN AMERICA LIVING LEGEND #1: There’s a quote from Alan Moore that applies to this issue, “If we only see comics in relationship to movies then the best that they will ever be are films that do not move.” That is exactly my problem with Adi Granov’s art. It is basically storyboards to a film – and while I will say it looks gorgeous, it just doesn’t work for me and I feel takes me out of “comic book world” and into the “real world” – know what I’m saying? I want to read a comic book, not a book with photographs cut out and pasted on the pages. With that out of the way, the story by Andy Diggle is just too pedestrian to get me back for issue 2. Sorry Cap. My fave moment of the issue: Cap decapitating a tank with his shield. WRITING: GOOD / ART: GOOD



aug130255GREEN LANTERN #24: Please Robert Venditti please get rid of all the other colored lanterns! I nearly pissed my pants when Hal Jordan says in the issue, “The Blue Lanterns are gone?” since after Blackest Night the skittle brigade has been mucking up the Green Lantern book proper. Why can’t a comic called THE GREEN FUCKING LANTERN just have Green Lantern in it? Is that too much to ask? So yeah, I’m liking what Venditti is doing so far – taking the baton from Geoff Johns and instead of running in the same lane, he’s taking his own path. Nice job. My fave moment of the issue: John Stewart and Salaak looking at each other as Stewart says, “You know for a second there Hal actually sounded like the Corps leader”. this bodes well for the future of this comic. Glad I’ve stuck around. WRITING: EXCELLENT / ART: GOOD


witchinghour_1_lifuatfcob_WITCHING HOUR #1: With Halloween right around the corner its time to dust off the old horror movies and comics. this was a pretty enjoyable read altogether. some stories did leave a little to be desired and some where fantastic. The first one starts off really strong and creepy but I felt by the last page of the story it didn’t deliver the goods. Too bad, it kept me captivated 95% of the time, just that last 5% that sucked. Then there is a very cool Mission to Mars story – that didn’t feel like it should actually be in this comic book called The Witching Hour – but whatever, it was a great tale of isolation and the horrors that men are capable of – lovely art by Cliff Chang too! the crown jewel of the issue though is the beautiful story by Ales Kot. I swear this dude writes with more passion then most current comic book writers. It is evident with this tale of a little witch and the man whose life she haunts. With passages like, “The lines of her face formed the geometry of compassion.” you know you are in the hands of someone that doesn’t waste words or emotions. My fave moment of the issue: Those creepy fucking little girl witches from the first story! Brrrr. WRITING: GREAT / ART: GREAT
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #4THE SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #4: If you are not currently reading this series you are seriously missing out on one of the best comics out there right now. Nick Spencer is having a blast writing this thing – you can just tell he has been given carte blanche on these third string villains that no one gave a shit about before. But now fucking Boomerang is one of my favorite characters! Who would have guessed? There are many laugh out loud moments here and many subtler ones that are just as funny. I am in love this book and these characters. This team cracks my shit up! My comic of the week! My fave moment of the issue: Without spoiling anything, the last page of the book is brilliant. WRITING: EXCELLENT / ART: GOOD   

16 thoughts on “THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews”

  1. I thought the GL issue was great issue and I’m looking forward to Lights Out. BotA is losing steam for me so hopefully this is an event that can stay with it. In Venditti I trust! Those two moments you mentioned were the ones that stood out to me also. I don’t mind that they killed the blue lanterns and the indigo and Star Sapphires can go next but I hope the reds and yellows stock around. When John said Hal was sounding like a leader I thought it was pretty cool, made me excited for this book. It feels fresh.
    Glad I passed on Capt. America, I was thinking about it cause of Diggle but I don’t like that art either.

  2. Some good reviews there. I found the Detective and Green Lantern ones particuarly funny. The skittle brigade…too funny.

    I totally agree though. I gave up Green Lantern during Blackest Night. Couldn’t stand all the stupid other coloured Lanterns. Really don’t like the idea at all.

    My favourite Green Lantern is Alan Scott (pre-New 52, obviously) but grew up reading Hal and most of his adventures were solo. Really liked the change over to Kyle and him being the only Green Lantern there for awhile. Not only do we now have bucket loads of Green Lanterns again but all these multi-coloured ones…too much.

    I have read the Vendetti issues and they’ve been alright so far. I just can’t believe it’s time for yet another crossover with all the other GL books though. I’ve had it with all the crossovers lately and now I read there’s gonna be an 18 parter in JLD, Constantine, Phantom Stranger and Pandora. Give it a bloody rest, DC.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who forgets things between issues. I thought I was getting early onset dementia or something. I know what you mean about wanting to see Batman in a Batman book, I only read Snyder’s Batman and that works for me. But I get all the Superman books and apart from Adventures I don’t feel like I’m reading a Superman book. New 52 Superman is a stranger to me. I keep hoping it’ll change but so far it’s 2 years in and it hasn’t happened yet.

    As for Superior Foes…I may have to give it a shot after your glowing recommendation. But I tried Spencer’s THUNDER Agents and suffered through his terrible issues of Secret Avengers (Vol. 1) and his writing did nothing for me. Maybe this’ll be better but I see the name Nick Spencer on a book now and instantly steer clear.

    1. Agreed about DC giving the cross-overs a rest on the Green Lantern books, but yet again we complain and complain and end up buying that shit anyway cause we don’t want to miss anything. They got us by the balls man!

      1. I’m doing my best to protest quietly in the corner. I have caved and I’m getting Superboy this month (next month?) for the Super books crossover because that’s just one extra book for me but I’m not falling for the Justice League Dark “Blight” crossover. I’m sticking with JLD and Constantine and avoiding the other two titles. 18 parts. They’re just taking the piss now.

          1. From those series the only one I still read is Phantom Stranger, which I may just drop. I want to see this series develop its own place and voice in the DCU, not constantly serving as a piece of a larger epic. Sigh. More money for Image or Vertigo.

      2. I was definitely surprised by the 18 parter! Lights Out is Vendittis way if whittling down the Corps to where he wants to be and start from there so I don’t mind that its another event so early.

        1. Really enjoyed Green Lantern, I think Relic is an awesome character and I have high hopes for Lights Out.

          Also…I like the Blue Lanterns.
          I mean, ‘skiitle brigade’…hilarious, but I really liked the hopeful hippies!

          1. I like the blue lanterns as well, so upbeat and peaceful. I’m also excited for Lights Out, and am going to pick up all the parts even tho I was only getting GL and GL Corps.

            1. I never cared much for all those multi-hued Lanterns, though, the blues I did kinda like. So it goes. The yellow & red just always seemed silly . . .

  3. I haven’t read Detective #24 yet, but, haven’t really enjoyed the current arc that much. I though that Layman’s writing started off good, but this current storyline really isn’t exciting me much. Haven’t read the new Superior Foes either, but the first three issues were great.

    I’ve never been a big Green Lantern fan, but, I’ve been wanting to try the series now because of Venditti. On one hand, Lights Out sounds like it might be a good jumping on place, but, on the other, I really don’t want to buy all those other books. We’ll see.

    1. I agree about Detective. It hasn’t been bad, by any means, but never too exciting for me.

      And I WISH that they would give the multi-hued thing a break and go in a new direction.

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