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This week it’s I Patrick aka The Marvel Guy aka The Rap Guy filling in for Alex. I’m not going to promise that you’ll like the music or grp02cover1 the comics based on my qualifiers above and I’m not going to promise this will be as well written as Alex would because Jesus Tap Dancing just look at what they guy has done the last week on no sleep but I can promise there will be two Kanye West songs and everything is NSFW so there’s that. Please join me below so we can talk about how much my taste in everything sucks in the comments section.

  1. Uncanny Avengers #13Send It Up by Kanye West

artworks-000051138625-m2c1ol-t500x500 What do Havok, Thor, Wonder Man and The Sentry have in common? About as much as Daft Punk, Rick Rubin, Beenie Man and underground Chicago rapper King Louie which is that it’s takes a special talent to have them all work together and that’s what Kanye West and Rick Remender have. Both these guys have the unique vision to see past the obvious and find the right alchemy in a group that nobody else would picture and realize that vision to stunning and unique results. You know a Kanye West song when you hear it just like you know a Rick Remender comic when you read one even though they are rarely ever derivative. Another talent they share is the ability to take played out idea’s like an Air Horn or The Apocalypse seed and Daken and form them into something that is truly menacing.

  1. Pretty Deadly #1Hoarse by Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt Complex Magazine PiKaHsSO Odd futureTwo things about this pairing

  1. Kelly Sue DeConick/Emma Rios and rapper Earl Sweatshirt both share the unfortunate reality of being insanely skilled in there art form and criminally underrated by the masses. Kelly and Emma have been doing fantastic work at the Big two while Earl was steadily releasing extraordinary underground rap verses after coming back from reform school and this year we finally got to see there unfettered artistic vision in both Pretty Deadly and Earls Album Doris.

  2. If you take away the vocals from this songs it sounds exactly like the type of song you would hear in a western as the hero strolls into town or before an epic gun fight as the sun sets over the rolling barren desert.

  3. The Indestructible Hulk #14- Run The Jewels Job Well Done until The Ribbon Breaks

download There is an interesting parallel here for this version of the Hulk comic with Bruce and Hulk as two separate entities working together and El-P the Sci Fi nerd creating these epic and abrasive soundscapes to snap over with gigantic, intimidating and abbrasive human being Killer Mike rapping about beating the shit out of people and social justice. Then theres the fact that this music will make you want to Hulk Smash the shit out of pretty much whatever’s in front of you while you listen to it. The lyric “Momma couldn’t breast feed cause I was biting at her titty” is a very Hulkish image while “Dolphins born to rape will stop and start to think about it” feel like a very Bruce Bannerish type of scientific conondrum.

  1. Young Avengers #11-ADHD by Kendrick Lamar

imagesA lot of people tend to hate younger peoples shit when they start approaching 30. Not me. Pretty much all the stuff I was into in High School during the Bush Years is cool for teenagers now be that skateboarding, underground rap and yes comics. I actually love a lot of the stuff  that’s popular with kids today way more then the stuff that the kids were into when I was in high school. Kendrick Lamar’s ADHD and Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers are two very distinctive signifiers of this generation that are unparalleled in there excellence. Lamar’s laid back description of a party and a casual hookup fits perfectly with Gilen/McKelvie’s exploration of the youth and the  different growing pains that come from figuring out who you are as you grow into adulthood.

5 Sex Criminals #2-Bound 2 by Kanye West 

KanyeWest2 I really can’t think of a better song to pair with Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s humorous and heartfelt love story then this love song that shares all the same qualities. When Charlie Wilson sings “I know your tired of, of loving with nobody to love, nobody, nobody, so grab somebody, no leaving this party without somebody to love” It’s a perfect match for a comic about two people that have found the perfect match after meeting at a party and Kanye’s playful teasing and his sort of “your not perfect but your the one” narrative for his girl (Kim I guess) feels just like the dynamic in Sex Criminals with the way the two character’s joke and tease one another and then one of them literally “fucks you hard on the sink” just like the song. Now lets all have a “red cups all on the lawn shit” type of weekend. You never know when you’ll find that special someone.

27 thoughts on “PULL LIST PLAY LIST!”

    1. Bro if you like Earl you should check out his group Oddfuture or by there full name Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.
      http://www.oddfuture.com/ Just be warned that once you start exploring there music your jumping down a deep rabbit hole.

      As for Kanye, dude I know you like hip hop and especially Wu-Tang so if you haven’t yet go pick up My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Portions of the album are produced by RZA and Q-Tip and it’s a fantastic sort of augmentation of golden age and modern hip hop.

      1. Honestly never got that into Wu-Tang dude, picked up 12 reasons to get more in Ghostface. Only really heard his stuff with MF DOOM. I mainly got into stuff like The Pharcyde and Madlib but I need to get back searching for new music so I’ll check it out.

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