THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

aug130714SEX CRIMINALS #2: This issue of Sex Criminals focuses on the  Y chromosome half of the criminals, Jon. As with issue #1 and Suzie, Matt Fraction covers Jon’s first experience with stopping time when he reaches orgasm – and also, as with the first issue, the results are fucking hilarious. The humor works here for two main reasons: one, the art by Chip Zdarsky is just what this comic needs to succeed in the realm of sexual perversity that it flirts with. His style is lighthearted enough to keep things in the arena of charactures but true enough to not slip into parody or slapstick. Dancing around the edges of pornography can be a tricky feat but it is handled with craftsmen-like precision here and the results are stunningly uncontroversial. The second reason this comic is funny as hell is Fraction knows that the majority of us have experienced these scenarios that Suzie and Jon are going through ( well, except for the whole stopping time thing) yeah, I can remember the first time I went into a video store to rent an “adult” movie. I was what, maybe 16 or 17 and hoped to god the rental clerk would just assume I was 18. I could relate to a lot of what Jon went through as kid and it brought back those funny memories and made me laugh – a lot. I am in love with this comic and I can’t recommend it enough. WRITING: EXCELLENT / ART: GREAT

satsam4-covSATELLITE SAM #4: Another Matt Fraction comic came out this week – Satellite Sam started off with a slam bang first issue and really sunk it’s claws into me and made me want to revisit this world again and again. Fraction and his partner in crime Howard Chaykin have built a fully realized universe within these this pages where the characters that inhabit it take on a realistic tone in both actions and words. But sometimes it can be too much. This issue was packed to the brim with dialog that occasionally veered off the path and into scenes that are just not relevant to the story (but perhaps later they will be, who knows) and made things at times a bit of the slog to get through. When the story heads back to Mike Carlyle and his quest to uncover his fathers past the book soars – but unfortunately those moments this issue are few and far between. On the plus side Chaykins art here surpasses everything he has done so far in this series. Fan Fucking Tastic. Dudes still got it and his ziptoned illustrations have never looked better, making this comic worth your time and money. WRITING: GOOD / ART: EXCELLENT
velvet1a-covVELVET #1: Did Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Velvet seem a little too by the numbers to you? Yeah? Good, I thought it was just me. It felt like we’ve seen this movie before you know: sexy secret agents – double crosses – agents being set up – agent now wanted by the people she use to work for – agent on the run. All sounds familiar. With that said, Brubaker is a strong enough story-teller to keep things fresh and relevant (ie: the pot smoking scene) and these pages do indeed hold your attention. But yeah, nothing groundbreaking or anything. My hope is that there are events on the horizon that will cause this book to stand out, so I’ll stick around for a few issues. WRITING: GOOD / ART: GREAT

7 thoughts on “THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews”

  1. Man I love the ghost box!
    I fuckin love sex criminal. You pretty much said everything I would want to say.
    Velvet definitely held me interested and there is no question I’ll be back for more. I really dug Velvet, takes sex whenever she wants, smokes dope during a police chase and pulls out some kick ass moves for a desk worker. She had me wrapped in, and I’m along for the ride. I agree the world was not ground breaking and the plot was familiar but I haven’t met Velvet before and I really enjoyed reading her.

    1. thanks dean, i love writing the ghost box. expect more boxiness in the future. 😉

      I do agree that Velvet was a solid character and Im sticking around for a few issues for sure – just hoping things don’t remain so derivative.

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