1. I watched the trailer for this the other day and thought it looked great. I like how they’re teasing The Winter Soldier, showing just enough, but not too much. Also, Steve’s Super Soldier-esque costume is pretty cool. Plus, yay, Falcon!

    I assume the menacing guy in the elevator is Crossbones?

    Before I was hesitant about this movie, but am now looking forward to it.

  2. I watched this trailer 6 times already. That shit is awesome, gave me chills.Bucky looks just like the comic book and we got damn Falcon too! This is like a S.H.I.E.L.D movie and that’s fantastic. I’m a Thor guy but I’m more excited for this movie! I don’t want to see anymore trailers with more footage, this was enough to have me amped!

  3. It does look bad ass and I’m not even a fan of any of the “Avengers family movies” except maybe for the Iron Man movies. This looks like quality to me.

  4. Just watched this with sound off and holy shit it looks amaze balls. Three things
    1. Scar Jo can get it
    2. I didn’t think it was possible to make the Falcon look cool in the movie but they did it.
    3. Robert FUCKING Redford.

  5. I watched this the other day and didn’t feel much. I watch it again today and for some reason I’m pumped for this movie! Elevator scene made me laugh and Bucky catching the shield was bad ass.

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