Review of Critical Hit #2

CriticalHit-02-previewproof-1-b5938by Matt Miner & Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

Issue 2 of Black Mask studios Critical Hit is a gut punch in the best way possible as it takes a concrete reality look into the consequences of two animal rights activist that might have stepped over the line. Dean has summarized the first issue really well here and where as that debut issue was very much a set up of things to come this one dives right into the heart of the adventure; brutally. It has a casual violence to it that let’s you feel every hit and the impending doom of their situation. Matt Miner’s characters feel fully realized in a book that could just be like “lol rednecks” but instead highlights the huge shade of grey at the heart of this book. His dialogue really pops and gives life to the story while illustrator Jonathan Brandon Sawyer does some fantastic character work in displaying the pain and anger of people inside this comic along with a fantastic full page illustration of the two protagonist rescuing a couple fight dogs as literal fireworks explode in the background. Critical Hit is a huge surprise as it takes a wholly original concept and runs with it in a complex character study about our relationship with animals. There is nothing else like this and it’s well worth reading as Miner & Sawyer establish themselves as two new voices in comics that deserve your attention.

4 thoughts on “Review of Critical Hit #2”

  1. Great job Pat. Like I said earlier this book was a huge surprise to me and I am really enjoying it! Glad you like it bro 🙂

  2. I almost preordered issue 1 of this but I’ve been burned a lot this year on indy comic releases (and decided against it at the last minute). I’ll put this on my list now though.

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