Review of God Killer #1

Godkiller-1-1-600x923by Matthew Pizzolo & Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk

God Killer #1 is a strange, moody and grimy story about a future urban dystopia that manages to create a haunting and almost surreal narrative about the ambitions of the people at the very bottom of society. Writer Mattew Pizzolo has been working on this comic for the better part of a decade with artist Ann Muckcrack Wieszcyk and it shows in the care and structure of the first issue. It’s very much about feel and mood as the pacing moves at it’s own speed but that also works here as you get a fully formed world, characters and clear mission statement as this is a story about the haves & have not’s. Pizzolo writes something that feels very much like Brian Woods early politicized work but in a way that is more hazy and in the air while Wieszcyk illustrations are hauntingly dream like and atmospheric with a color palate and line work that looks burnt and dusty in the best way possible. God Killer is an exciting debut that promises for an interesting series and while the looseness of it’s structure won’t be for everyone it’s a fantastic comic for all the dreamers who aren’t afraid of a little filth.

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