Alex says you should be reading this book.NOW…
THBThunderbolts #20.NOW
I implore you to do yourself a favor and pick up this issue.  Before reading Charles Soule’s first issue of the series, I knew relatively nothing about some of these characters and absolutely nothing about what came before Soule’s run.  The best part?  You don’t have to know.  Just jump on in.  Each issue has been hilarous and chock full of action.  There is never a dull moment in this book.  This issue apparently introduces Ghost Rider to the series, and I can’t wait!
Itho is betting on…
nov130489Alex+Ada #3
A futuristic look at love in the next century without the rose-tinted opticals
Patrick Panzerfaust says to try…
Peter Panzerfaust #16
This book keeps delivering on it’s WWII take on the Peter Pan mytho’s with a strong mix of swashbukcling adventure mixed with heartfelt mediations on the effects of war on children. You can see Tyler Jenkins pencils get sharper and his action interiors improving as this comic has continued and Wiebe is one a few great young talents at Image that still hasn’t been snatched up by the mainstream. #16 begins a new arc and if you understand the comic at face value as a bunch of French orphans fighting Nazi’s you can probably jump on and be just fine.
Comso suggests getting the most bang for your buck…
Must Read Valiant Greatest Hits #1
Have you been wanting to give Valiant a try but haven’t had a chance yet? If so, Cosmo recommends Must Read Valiant, collecting full issues from five different series for only $5.99. All great comics at an excellent price.
Have a light week?  Dean suggests making it Dark…
aVoiceInTheDark03-Digital-1A Voice in the Dark #3
If you missed the first two issues of this book do yourself a favor and jump on now!  Check out our interview with Larime Taylor to see what this book is all about.  As good as issue #1 was issue #2 was even better.  I expect nothing short of brilliance from issue #3. The new arc starts here so buy this book and thank me later.

17 thoughts on “INDUBITABLE ISSUES!”

  1. Yes! Try A Voice in the Dark, motherfuckers. My wife and I are really enjoying it. Perfect book for comic book couples. 😉
    I’m really curious about Thunderbolts. When done right, Ghostrider is a top shelf, bad motherfucker.

    1. Like I said in the article, Thunderbolts is at least worth checking out. The premise is a lot of fun. The team is made up of various characters all needing to get a specific task done, but they need the help of everyone else. The Punisher’s story was hilarious: eradicate all organized crime in NYC. As Big Al says below, it is a comic that does not take itself too seriously.

      1. 🙂 You’ve convinced me. 🙂 I just got off the horn with the Wolfman and he assures me that a copy is safely awaiting my arrival.
        Red Lanterns is my only Soule book and I really like the direction he’s going in with that one. The Red Lantern Guy Gardner is a fun character. Let’s see what he can do with ole hothead.

  2. Thunderbolts has been a surprise book for me.Charles Soule has turned this series around.The comic doesn’t take itself too seriously although you have some of the most bad ass characters traveling cramped up in a black Scooby Doo van.A lot of dark humor.Very enjoyable.

  3. I think I’ll grab Peter Panzerfaust. It’s a book I have been interested in for a while now and I got the #1 for $1 issue and it was great.

    And, since I’m only pulling 2 comics this week, I’ll try Voice in the Dark #1 and #2 because of the glowing reviews I have been reading about it.

  4. I read the first issue of Panzerfaust several months ago, liked it, but haven’t been able to wiggle the book into my monthly budget. So, it joins the ever growing list of intriguing Image books that I’ll catch up on in trades one of these days . . .

    1. I hear you about a jam-packed pull list, other than this week when I only have 2 books 😕 If #16 is good I might replace Walking Dead with it. I know, I know, sacrilege right? 😛

        1. I have watched the show since the beginning and still enjoy it. TWD is what got me into comics so there is that sentimental attachment that makes it especially hard to drop; but man, it’s the book I look forward to reading the least in my whole pull list. The tiger and the knights were a very silly addition to an otherwise serious book not to mention the current 12 part arc has really dragged on. I have read that Kirkman is planning going as high as #300 to finish up the story and I just don’t see 180 more good issues left in the series.

  5. I have been tempted with Thunderbolts what with a recent annual guest-starring Doctor Strange and now with the addition of Ghost Rider. Up to now there was never anyone on the team that I had that much of an interest in. I stopped picking it up after the last Baron Zemo team but from what you’ve said about this being a fun book that doesn’t take itself too seriously (the kind of book I enjoy), then I might have to break down and start picking this up.

  6. The Thunderbolts have never been as good as when the series first came out. Wolves in sheep clothing and all that. I’ve picked it up here and there during the many reboots. They reminded me too much of the suicide squad in the last few reincarnations. Sounds like it might be a decent read again but my stash is growing bigger and bigger every week because of this site. Damn you NBC!

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