Valiant Releasing New Shadowman Mini-Series from Peter Milligan

ValiantLegendary writer and current scribe of the Shadowman ongoing will be launching a three issue miniseries for the character titled Shadowman: End Times with interior art by Bitch Planet’s Valentine De Landro and cover by David Mack and others. Detail at Valiant’s website

13 thoughts on “Valiant Releasing New Shadowman Mini-Series from Peter Milligan”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this and I’ll pick it up sure. I’ve liked what Milligan is doing so far with Shadowman and this looks cool, glad he’s getting more if a spotlight . Plus that first cover with the gargoyle was awesome!

      1. I agree with iroberts007. Milligan’s run was my favorite as well- better than Ennis.
        I bought the two issues of Shadowman that he has done so far, but I’m not feeling it yet. Maybe this self-contained mini will do the trick.

      2. Well, Milligan’s stands out as far and away the best of the series in my opinion; that is easy for me to say. 2-5 is a bit harder to narrow down. Certainly the worst run is the first 40 issues by Jamie Delano (there is a reason that guy is no longer in comics). His run is really metaphysical stuff mostly and is a different Constantine than the one that Ennis and Jenkins solidify. I would place Brain Azzarello’s run second and maybe Ennis’ at third. At 4/5 I would say a three way tie between Mike Carey/ Ellis/ and Diggle but those last three weren’t really anything special (competent but not special). I remember Azzarello’s run because of an intersting prison plot and I remember Milligan’s as a departure from the horrible negativety that plaques the whole series. I’m somewhat of a pessimist myself but this series goes way beyond my monthly negativity tollerance (Milligan changed all that with 50 great issues).

        1. Wow isn’t Ellis your favorite writer? I figured he’d be higher. I wanna get into Hellblazer but don’t know where to start

          1. Ya Ellis’ Hellblazer isn’t bad but it’s not what I think of when I think of him and his was a small run anyway. As you know the Authority is great. I think his Avatar stuff has been special though. Super God, No Hero, Gravel (and all his earlier mini series), Black Summer were all really awesome books. Then there is Fell of course and Nextwave the marvel book. A small run on Astonishing Xmen that was nice also. His creator owned stuff is where he shines though. I read one of his novels and it was shite so I don’t vouch for all his stuff.
            As for Hellblazer, every writer put their own little spin on it. I don’t think it’s necessary to read all 300 issues. Never read the first 40; the first 40 really suck. Everyone should start with the Ennis stuff and maybe then jump right to the Milligan stuff. I don’t really think the rest of the run will be missed by anyone. You’ll get his first major love and his last major love in those too runs and a little helping of his good friends if I’m remembering correctly. If anyone is feeling really adventurous they could read issue 41 straight up to 300.

  2. Looking forward to this as well. I wonder if it’ll run concurrently with the main title, or the main title will be suspended for 3 months?

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