Review of The Dying & The Dead #1

The Dying and the Dead 1by Jonathan Hickman & Ryan Bodenheim

If there was a comics Mount Rushmore we know the faces that will be up there. Will Eisner first, Jack Kirby chomping a cigar second and Alan Moore being chisled out on the end with just enough lee way to shape Grant Morrison, Brian K Vaughan or Warren Ellis in his spot when it’s all said and done. In between all those there has to Moebius, the French cartoonist whose work is probably more important now than ever before. Think about it this way, there is superhero knock off Image comics of it’s inception and then there is Image Comics of today and the current version that we are seeing does not exist without the enduring influence of Moebius. It’s in Saga, Starlight, Prophet, Drifter, ODY-C, Pretty Deadly, Black Science, Low, Change, it’s certainly in Jonathan Hickman’s East Of West and it’s even deeper ingrained in Hickman’s new series The Dying & The Dead with artist Ryan Bodenheim. The Dying & The Dead is about an old man who takes on a mission from a species of ancient immortal beings in order to save his dying wife. That’s the hook and that’s basically the plot but that really doesn’t matter either because this is a book that must be experienced. Artist Bodenhiems illustrations are lush, immersive and impossible not to fall into as they transport you to it’s epic otherworldly setting while Hickman makes the set up intriguing and inviting. There’s traces of the crime element carrying over from Hickman & Bodenheim’s Secret and there is enough Hikmanism’s to make you dummy’s run for the hills but The Dying & The Dead is a beautiful entry point into another fantastic world courtesy of the creators that channels the spirit of the man called Moebius.He told you first in The Incal without straight up telling you “Nothing ends…nothing ever ends”

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