Dean says this issue Paks a punch…
Action Comics #28Action Comics #28
I am not a big fan of Superman.  Curb all the reasons why, I just don’t click with the guy.  But this book is something else.  This is a Superman I can get used to reading.  If you are not reading this yet I encourage you to jump in this week.  Give this Superman a try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.



Cosmo wants you to collect…
Star Lord Annihilation Conquest TP
This limited series may not be where Kieth Giffen first rescued Star Lord from obscurity, but it is where Giffen repositioned the character to the center of Marvel’s cosmic narrative. In the aftermath of the Annihilation War, the Phalanx are on the rise. The Kree recruit Star Lord to lead a motley group of heroes (including Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis and the current Captain Universe) on a vital mission. Have you been wondering where the ground floor is for the current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy? This outstanding series is it.
Alex gets revenge and recommends…
Punisher #1
This past week I’ve read A LOT of Punisher.  I had never read too much of this character, but after buying  Circle of Blood at my LCS this past Wednesday to pump myself up for this new series, I was hooked.  After soaking up Ennis’ Born and half of his Marvel Knights run so far, Edmundson has a lot to live up to.  However, after reading his Image work and the current Black Widow series, I’ve no doubt he’s got the writing chops to carry this book.
Patrick says get this book before it gets you…
The Victories #9
I think any notion that our world is controlled by some shadow Illuminati is pure nonsense but that doesn’t mean that it can’t make for great fiction. Michael Avon Oemings The Victories is a cool concept that executes those ideas within a super hero narrative with a touch of fringe/bleeding edge scientific theory. Nobody writes self loathing and mental health issues quite like Oeming and his illustrations are so distinctively his that I don’t think anybody is capable of ripping him off even if they tried. Great comics for conspiracy theorist, Through The Wormhole binge watchers and manic depressives.


Itho suggests you adopt…
Batman Jokers Daughter #1
Batman Joker’s Daughter #1
DC is answering our prayers for new characters, series with female leads, and female characters that are not defined by Male counterparts.



7 thoughts on “INDUBITABLE ISSUES!”

  1. I’m not particularly impressed with the Joker’s Daughter character, but after seeing the interview with creative team, I’m definitely curious about it. I hope to see reviews and comments from multiple users concerning it.
    And I can’t wait for the price drop on Action to go into effect. Pak is the shiz-ite. 🙂

    1. Pak is rocking my world right now! I have never been into Superman. Even Snyder couldn’t get me into Superman but Pak is giving me exactly what I want.

        1. The price on Action #25 did drop and I just finished reading. What a fantastic start. I love jeans and shitkickers Supes or Springsteen Superman as I’ve heard him referred to as. He’s so much fun as a young and cocky superhero. The Morrison mold is brilliant.
          My favorite is when he laughed at the crying supremacist. Priceless. 🙂

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