Dean will punish you if you don’t pick up…
pnThe Punisher #2
Issue #1 was great.  If you missed it then don’t make that mistake again.  Jump in here at issue 2 and enjoy the ride Edmondson is taking us on.  
Cosmo hopes this issue will be Foggy…
ddDaredevil #36
Mark Waid has set-up multiple cliff-hangers leading into this week’s issue: the state of Foggy’s health, Matt’s courtroom declaration and the future of Matt’s relationship with Kirsten. Anxious to learn the resolution of any of these plot-lines would move this book to the top of my stack, but the hope that all of them might come to a satisfactory conclusion? It couldn’t go that smoothly for Matt Murdock, could it? We’ll know soon enough as Waid closes out one chapter of his Daredevil saga in manner that, I trust, will leave us eager for what lies in store in the next . . .
Itho wants you to give love one more chance with…
dec130557Alex + Ada #4
 Settling into his relationship with an android, Alex wants to give Ada an upgrade to make her more human. Don’t miss the best romantic/Sci-Fi comic on the shelves
Patrick is gud. Book is gud. Bring book home.  Book home now….
nov130270We3 TPB
This is one of the best things Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely have ever done either together or separately. Quitely’s art and page layouts were so ahead of there time that comics still hasn’t caught up yet and anybody that’s owned a dog or cat should get a kick out of Morrisons interpretation on how they communicate. We3 is gud.
Dean wants you to speak up for…
DEC130603A Voice in the Dark #4
This book needs your help to survive people.  Paraphrasing a fellow comic book lover if this book doesn’t continue because you didn’t buy it I will write a hand written letter and deliver it to your home saying “I am very disappointed in you”.  You don’t want to disappoint me now do you? Oh and don’t forget this book is pretty awesome as well!

12 thoughts on “INDUBITABLE ISSUES!”

  1. Cosmo should read we3. Really he should. Has no excuse to have not read it. Please pardon Cosmo while he sits in the corner, hangs head in shame . . .


    1. You know sometimes I wonder if I have an irrational love for that comic because I’m an animal lover and then I realize that if I wasn’t an animal love I’d be a douchebag so of course it’s as great as I think it is.

      1. I bought both Pet Avengers mini series because it was about super powered animals. Plus Lockheed and Lockjaw don’t often get the spotlight.

        You should consider an article on the best comics featuring animals. My vote goes for Superman #712.

      2. Patrick, have you ever read the novel Plague Dogs by Richard Adams? It’s about two dogs that escape from a scientific research facility, and is told entirely through their perspective. Fascinating. The dog Snitter is probably my favorite canine in literature . . .

            1. I just picked up We3. Man that was an anxiety filled read. I kept expecting the worse for the animals at the end. Well written but gut wrenching at the same time. Morrison captured the vocalization of the animals perfectly with simple short sentences.
              I’m glad the story was short because I don’t know if I could have taken much more.

              Thanks for the recommendation guys.

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