Freeze Frame 2/26/1014

Tracksuit Dracula’s never learn-Pat
by David Aja from Hawkeye #15

Comics were better in the 80’s-Pat
by Garry Leach from Micracle Man #3
Look in the sky-Pat
by Jae Lee from Batman/Superman #8
Matteo doing Matteo things-Pat
by Matteo Scalera from Black Science #3
Stunning visual-Pat
by Kevin O’Neil from Nemo: The Rose of Berlin
I love the detail work in this image; Snyder & Murphy have clealry taken their time thinking through this world-Cosmo
by Sean Murphy from The Wake #5
This does not look like a happy place-Pat
by Charles Paul Wilson III from The Wraith #4
Somehow I don’t think he’s really dead-Pat
by Nick Pitarra from The Manhattan Projects #18
Adamantium tough-Pat
by Steve McNiven from Uncanny Avengers #17
by Even Doc Shaner from Adventures of Superman #44
That’s a reasonable response-Pat
by Kevin O’Neil from Nemo: The Rose of Berlin
Like I said the art makes this comic work-Pat
by Rob Guillory from Chew #40
That dogs face-Pat
b Jae Lee from Batman/Superman #8
Sci fi is a metaphor-Pat
by Alex Maleev from Empire of The Dead #2
Art showing motion-Pat
by Johnnie Christmas from Sheltered #7
Money tree’s are the perfect place for shade and that’s just how I feel-Pat
by Sean Murphy from The Wake #6
We fucked up-Pat
by Steve McNiven from Uncanny Avengers #17
This is a gift that does not stop giving-Pat
by Alan Davis from Miracle Man #3
Simple, sparse, yet so powerful-Cosmo
by Ryan Kelly from Three #5
The Magician weaves illusions to trick her audience into believing fabrications, just as Kindt himself fools your eye into thinking this page is constructed out of torn pieces of paper or convinces your heart to care for fictional characters-Cosmo
by Matt Kindt from Mind MGMT#19
The absence of dialogue as Galactus sinks into the Negative Zone is quite evocative. Just imagine a lifeless abyss large enough to make such an entity appear tiny-Cosmo
by Mark Bagley from Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #5
I can’t-Pat
by Rob Guillory from Chew #40
Fuck Sparta-Pat
by Ryan Kelly from Three #5

25 thoughts on “Freeze Frame 2/26/1014”

  1. “Comics were better in the 80’s.”

    “This is a gift that does not stop giving.”

    You’re so right, Patrick. Marvel have done a really good job with these Marvelman reprints. The Leach/Davis artwork looks fantastic. It’s just such a shame that there’s only a handful of Davis chapters left before the Eclipse stuff starts and the art turns to crap.

      1. Gibbons Dan Dare and stuff? That’s exciting. I’ve never read that and always wanted to. I’ll have to try not to miss that.

          1. No. Rogue Tropper is something different. It’s OK but not a character I’m all that interested in.

            Dan Dare is a well famous character from the old UK Eagle comic in the 1950’s. I have all of those innice hardback reprints. But when 2000AD launched (Dredd was an unknown and didn’t appear until issue #2) they headlined a new updated (now well outdated) version with art by Gibbons. I’ve never read it. I think it’s one of the few old 2000AD strips that doesn’t get reprinted. I don’t know how long it ran or if it was any good. But it’s well early Gibbons work.

              1. Ya there is a new series coming out from IDW as well (looking forward to that). It was Gibbons that created him I think.

              1. Was the Ennis Dan Dare the series from Virgin? Seven issues with covers by Dave Gibbons and Garry Leach? That was like 4 or 5 years back now.

                Grant Morrison did one too. In a UL monthly called Revolver. Art by Rian Hughes. It was Dan Dare’s final battle with The Mekon. It’s collected together. Dunno if it’s still available though.

  2. OK, Patrick, between this and your piece on Guillory, you’ve sold me on Chew — it’s being added to my list of things I should read in the near future . . .

  3. Some really good panels. Wish I could have bought all the issues to see what each story was about.

    Haven’t gotten to First contact storyline yet but its next on my list.

    I normally get Hawkeye in trade format but David Aja’s art has grown on me.

    Finally got to see Bagley draw Galactus.

    Although seeing the earth blow up was cool in Uncanny Avengers, looks like this storyline is going to drag on…and how is this storyline not having repercussions in the rest of the Marvel titles???

    1. I will say that Bagley did draw a great Galactus for the story. Well, maybe, could’ve done without the glowing highlights around his face . . .

        1. Good question. Since it seems to be a large part of Bagley’s take on the character, I’m assuming that he was responsible . . .

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