Frankenstein Underground #1 Review

Frankenstein Underground 1

by Mike Mignola, Ben Steinbeck, and Dave Stewart

The Frankenstein monster from Hellboy in Mexico gets his own miniseries.

Traveling around the world, he ends up near some Aztec temples and meets a witch, with whom he shares his story. Unbeknownst to our hero, a collector covets Frankenstein and sends a demon to abduct him. He fights her off, but the witch dies. Frank demands the Gods resurrect her, but then falls through the floor. Meanwhile, the Collector punishes the demon for failing to capture Frank.

Steinbeck’s art is good for this series. It’s remencient of Mignola’s own style, but has its own personality.

If I had one complaint with this issue, its that Mignola seems to make Frank more like Hellboy instead of a Frankenstein monster. It turns out he’s existed for centuries, hunted by a devious person with magic powers, always having bad luck, these aspects make the book seem less original and compelling.

That said, the book has enough action and humor to make the story worth reading. For those anxious about the current Hellboy mini ending, this series should soften the blow.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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