Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! Who’s With Me?

998099_587822961312228_812703770_nHappy Tuesday morning!  I hope everyone is making it through this extremely long and cold winter.  It has been so cold for so long that I have become permanently chilled.  I set my house to 75 degrees the other day and I was still wearing a hoody to bed.  It is getting ridiculous.  The winter has been so depressingly cold and I have worked so hard in school it is time to plan a summer vacation destination.  I was thinking it would be really fun to go to Las Vegas around my birthday, June 24th.  After doing my research I came up with the plan to go around June 19-26th depending on flights and cost.  Just on a whim I decided to check if there is any Comic Con in Las Vegas.  To my surprise and excitement the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is at South Point Hotel and Casino June 20-22!  What AMAZING luck!  This was the deciding factor for me.  I had a taste of my first local comic con this year and although Winnipeg Manitoba knows how to throw a party I have a feeling Las Vegas may throw a better one! So it is settled.  I am going to the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON.  But I do not want to be alone.  What a great opportunity to meet my fellow NBC!er’s.  So what do you say NBC!er’s?  Who is going to join me for an amazing experience in Las Vegas!  It is cheap, it is hot, it is fun and we get to chat comics all weekend!  Does anything sound better at this moment?

Check out their site snoop around and see all the fantastic guest and events they have planned.  It is guaranteed to be a blast.

Speaking of the guest they have a really interesting line up at the con so far.  They have a lot of creators associated with the big events happening in both movies and comics this summer.  Some guest include:

ADAM KUBERT artist of arguably the best Wolverine story currently on the stands, Origin II.

CHARLES SOULE one of the hottest writer’s right now.  You all know we love him here at NBC! He has such range he can follow Snyder on Swamp Thing with great success and at the same time write a book that oozes with fun in Thunderbolts.

 LEN WEIN let’s say that again so you know you aren’t dreaming LEN WEIN!! We have two creators currently working on Wolverine and Swamp Thing.  Why not put the creator of them both in the same room!  I have two goals coming out of that con and it’s to have Hulk #181 and Giant Size X-Men #1 signed by Len Wein.  This goal is pretty far away at the moment seeing as I don’t own either of those books right now and if they are at the con I imagine they are going to be a hot ticket.  Extremely excited for this!

GERRY DUGGAN currently rocking Deadpool and Nova, two terrific books.

JIM VALENTINO and ANDY LANNING Guardian of the Galaxy creators both old and new.


I almost forgot CHAD HARDIN!  The artist of Harley Quinn is going to make the cosplay alone worth the trip!

Those are just some of the guests at this years con.  That is a very nice list of names. Just announced yesterday STEVE EPTING will also be attending!  Not only the creator of The Winter Soldier but currently killing it on Velvet.  I don’t think his art is ever looked better and that is saying a lot from this masterful talent.

Just talking about all these guys is getting me excited! Is it getting you excited?  I really want to have a fantastic Vegas Vacation with some of my online buddies.  Josh aka Itho has shown interest in joining me, I think you should too! The con looks like it is going to be a blast and on top of that you are in Vegas!  I will be updating any news that comes out about the con in our Bulletin Bites and here in Who’s There?  If you follow AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON on Facebook  you can also get all the updates, that is how I found out about Steve Epting yesterday.

So go to the site and poke around.  If it looks like it catches your fancy email put AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON in the subject and I’ll make sure to keep you updated.  Looking forward to meeting you in June!

Here are a few of the details

Amazing Las Vegas Con 2014

June 20-22, 2014
South Point Hotel & Casino
9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89183

FRI 6/20: 3pm-8pm
SAT 6/21: 10am-7pm
SUN 6/22: 10am-6pm

Single Day Tickets:
Friday $25
Saturday $35
Sunday $25
Full Three Day Admission: $60


– Dean


14 thoughts on “Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! Who’s With Me?”

  1. I was wondering if you were going to be there. I didn’t see your name on Artist Alley. I will definitely be making a stop at your booth. Even more excited now!

  2. Just FYI. It’s going to be a 100 degrees plus at that time so be prepared to make like a vampire and only go out at night. Unless you enjoy swamp butt. I kid, but seriously man it will be hot. Vegas sucks during the day anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter much.

    1. He’s not kidding. The wife and I went in June of 2012 and it was over 40 and closer to 45 C every day and that was super hot for us considering in Alberta rarely gets as high as 35.

      1. Yeah, my fiancee and I were there last June, and it was pretty hot. The only extended time we spent out of air conditioning was in a cabana by the pool . . .

        Actually, now that I think of it, I was there in mid-June, so I wonder if I just missed it last year . . .

    2. I’ve been to Vegas a half a dozen times and almost always in July (because both my father and I are morons I guess). Once when I was 15 my nearly seventy year old grandmother was there visiting from England and she started (seriously) accusing my father of trying to kill her by making her walk in 117 degrees F. It was fucking hilarious.

  3. I was recently at the first Indianapolis Comic Con and met George Perez. Had he signed Avengers #161 and Avengers Volume 3 #34 and he didn’t charge a penny for it. He’s a really nice guy so even if the line is long (and it was at this con) I urge you to go meet this comic legend. He ranks in my top 2 of all time favorite comicbook artist.

    I’ve been to Vegas several times and this is pretty tempting…I’ll have to see how my schedule play outs. How busy does it get? The Indianapolis Con was just nuts although it was their first one and I don’t think they anticipated the crowd to be that big so their crowd control methods were poor and they actually stop admitting people on the day I was there.

    1. Really looking forward to George Perez. I don’t know how busy it gets. I assume it gets very busy and I bet the costumes are absolutely terrific.

  4. Damn I wish I was going. We made plans for a Vegas trip in Oct for our anniversary already. I’ll be heading to the Calgary Comic Expo (with the reluctant wife) on April 27th if anyone is close or planning on going….

    1. I will have to get back to you sheldon. But this is a definite possibility. I just have to see how things shake out. I have family in Calgary who are most likely going so that make housing and transportation very easy. I’ll keep you posted!

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