Review of Nemo: Rivers Of Ghosts

cby Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neil

In the final installment of the League.. spinoff series Nemo, the creators close out their story on the character with an ending that doesn’t feel worthy of it’s predecessors. After years of ho-hum League… sequel’s, Moore & O’Neil’s Nemo series felt like a jolt from the creators with lively swashbuckling alt history/steam punk/sci fi adventures that were fun and heartening. The series clearly peaked on last years excellent Roses Of Berlin as River Of Ghosts feels tacked on and unnecessary in comparison. In it, we are shown the Nemo character taking care of loose ends in the Amazon with a couple stops to meet dinosaurs and merpeople along the way before the crew takes down a factory of robot, blonde bombshell, Nazi soldiers. If that sounds awesome that’s because it should be in theory but therein also lies the problem, this time around it feels predictable and pedestrian. In a way maybe it should be at this point, this is well worn territory explored via the League & the Nemo spinoffs for over a decade at this point, but what’s made those books work is how they managed to keep surprising the reader in spite of all that. The current volume lacks the same imagination or sense of wonder, genre tropes are just there without any distinction and the purpose or stakes of the adventure never translate in the story, there is a lack of urgency and excitement that handicaps the entire comic. Alan Moore has done more great comics work in less than ten years of his life in the 1980’s then most creators have done in an entire lifetime & O’Neil is an artist that has been one of the writers greatest collaborators. Perhaps it’s just as well that this is the final installment on their long running series, it appears that they’ve run out of things to say on the topic.

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