Young Avengers: My Season 2 Idea for an All-New! Team……Girls!

          YAarticle Hello friends, this week at The Banana Stand I wanted to talk about an idea I’ve been mulling over, and that is for an all women/girls team for the next “season” of Young Avengers.  I loved the last edition by Gillen and McKelvie, and after hearing of the plans to keep the series in a season type of structure I couldn’t help but fantasize about the team I would want to read about.  It all came about because even though I was/am a huge kid Loki fan, the character I found myself really loving after the last season was Miss America Chavez; she was just so cool, and I enjoyed every scene she was in.  I then started wishing for a Miss America solo series, but I kind of knew that would never happen, so I moved on to making her a part of a team. This lead me on a path that culminated in the idea I’m going to lay out for you all in this article.  So without further ado, let’s get to the team!

           MissAmerica Miss America Chavez:  First up, the girl that won me–and I’m sure many others–over at first sight.  America is most definitely the brawn of the team, with her inclination to solve problems by punching and kicking them away.  However, she’s also got a lot of heart that motivates her actions, she cares about other people and wants to help those she can.  She was the first to come to the defense of Teddy and Billy when she suspected foul play from Loki in the last YA adventure, and she showed in the finale how perceptive she was when she and Kate had their “moment.”  She also works as a link–along with another member–to the previous season’s team.  Her ability to navigate the multiverse would also come in handy should the need arise, and let’s face it, any excuse to travel to other dimensions is a good thing right?

         KateBishop Kate Bishop:  Another character that was fantastic in the last YA story, and one who’s seen a rise is popularity due to her role in the Hawguy series, Kate is the other link to the previous team. I think the ending with her and America having at the very least a “more than platonic” admiration for each other would be something fun to explore, and a way for us to revisit them in this season to see how that relationship–platonic or not–has developed.  I would love to find out they’ve been traveling around Thelma and Louise-style through the multi-verse, though fighting crime instead of committing it, and generally just being cute and awesome.  She’s also pretty badass, and a talented improviser with connections through Clint to other heroes that could be great fodder for plotlines.

         Kamala Kamala Khan:  The new kid on the block, and the impetus for the team forming, Kamala’s power’s being caused by the Terrigan Mists (TM’s) could serve as the reason the other ladies have joined up.  Both to mentor/welcome to the fold, and to help her figure out her place in the world of teen heroes; Kate and America arrive to meet and investigate the origin of the new Ms. Marvel, and end up bringing her along for the adventure.  She also has a really cool power set that utilizes both Mr. Fantastic-like stretching and Ant-Man shrink/grow ability; additionally her morphing powers will help the team on infiltration or covert operations during the investigation.

          ValeriaValeria Richards:  With the team mostly comprised of muscle and powers they will need a brain to match the brawn, so why not get the best there is.  Valeria is awesome, that’s really the first and foremost requirement for this team, but her superior intellect, and access to Baxter Building technology would work to cement the legitimacy of this team.  She also comes with connections to the F4, Dr. Doom, and The Inhumans; all of which can be used to the team’s advantage.  Another bonus would be the ability to throw some Bentley-23 and Tong guest appearances from the Future Foundation connection.  I also would love to see some big sister/mentoring type interaction between the older girls and Valeria; even though she’s a genius, it’s likely she could still be curious about regular girl stuff, and I think it would be adorable and relatable to female readers to have that type of bond exist within the team.  The other big connection Valeria provides is for the next team member.

          CrystalCrystal:  Medusa’s younger sister, and fellow Inhuman, Crystal provides a necessary link to the investigation of TM’s and the origin of Kamala’s powers.  She could offer some much needed advice to Kamala for how to deal with becoming a TM-powered woman, and all that comes with this development.  I think she is a cool character that could stand to have some more spotlight; I think her power set is fun, and could work to create some interesting situations and solutions to the inevitable pickles these ladies will find themselves embroiled in.  Her personality seems pretty calm and friendly from what I’ve read, and I think she’d interact well with the other ladies on the team.  She has a fair amount of experience as well, and could work to mitigate problematic situations before things got out of control, due to her status as eldest team member.

          LeahLeah/Hela:  I found myself pretty smitten with Leah after Gillen’s JiM run, but even more so after her appearance in YA, so I’m adding her as well.  I think her magical abilities would allow for some interesting story elements, as well as the fact that Kate and America could be resistant to her presence, but if she could help the team out they just might allow it, which would make for some pretty fun dynamics.  The way I see it, and credit to my friend Denise who I discussed this article with–Hi Denise!–Leah could work as the catalyst for America and Kate finding out about Kamala and her ascension to the Ms. Marvel mantle.  They could encounter her as an adversary, and her way out of a fight would be the information and her aid in the investigation.  Her link to the nine realms is another strong point, because then this team is pretty much unlimited in the possibilities for navigating the vast 616 universe and all it’s inhabitants.

          So that’s my pitch Mr. Quesada and Mr. Alonso 🙂  In all honesty I think this story/team would be a fantastic idea, and a wonderful book to show how committed Marvel is to diversity amongst its comics.  I don’t know a woman/girl comic reader who wouldn’t be excited by the potential of this series, and at the very least Tumblr would possibly crash due to the amount of feels expressed through art and cosplay if this book were to happen.  In writing this article it kind of bums me out that this is just an idea of mine and not an announcement from Marvel, because the more I think about it, the more I desperately want to read this story 🙂  I know I come at it with a lot of bias, but I’m serious when I say that I think a book like this could be a big deal, and unless I’m mistaken it fits in with current continuity as well.

          I’ll continue to pine for this book and in the meantime hone the story beats a bit to prepare my elevator pitch.  Am I crazy to think this could be a real thing? Probably, yes, but let me know what you all think in the comments, and if you like it, tweet the hell out of this article 🙂 You never know what could happen, though I do think this is the worst weekend to tweet comic news, as it’s sure to be overshadowed by the Con.   Well that’s it for me this week, as always thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Young Avengers: My Season 2 Idea for an All-New! Team……Girls!”

  1. Very good sir now let me ask who would you want on the creative team for said comic? I’m going with Kelly Sue DeConick on writing and Leila Del Duca on art as long as she can still do Shutter.

    1. Thanks dude. I was going to include my picks in the article, but I decided to omit them near the end. Honestly for writing I would LOVE it to be a collaboration between KSD and G. Willow Wilson, I think with all that Kelly Sue has on her plate, that would work in the book’s favor, and GWW has been doing wonderful stuff on Ms. Marvel.

      As for an artist, my dream pick would have to be Jaimie McKelvie, but since he already did his time on the series, I would love to keep it an all women affair and have Sara Pichelli on pencils, and Jordie Bellaire on colors. however Leila Del Duca is a fantastic choice, another favorite of mine would be Joe Quinones.

      1. Those are good choices. I think a Wilson/DeConick team on writing would be dope. I initially thought McKelvie as well but I can’t picture his art without Gillen writing it now. I know he’s done art for other writers but his work is so connected with Gillen I don’t think I’d want it any other way.

  2. Cooties!!! (I refrained that one time, remember) 😀
    Ha, no, no… Girls are awesome. They just did an all girl Xbook, so your idea (and the book 😉 ) might have legs.
    I’d like to comment more, but with the exception of Valeria Richards, I am clueless regarding the other characters. I’ve also never read Young Avengers despite reading good reviews. :/ A problem easily remedied thanks to my MUapp.

    1. Yeah, the female X-team does prove Marvel will do GirlPower books, and I think it’s doing pretty well, so that shows there’s a readership for this kind of title. I also think it’d be a great intro book to the world of comics for the younger audience, which is always a good thing.

      You should definitely check out YA, and if you haven’t already Gillen’s JiM run is pretty spectacular as well.

      1. I have his JIM run in print. It’s high point, to me, was during Fear Itself. Besides the prologue, the only high point of Fear Itself.

        1. I should check out YA for kid Loki alone. I’m still waiting for Agent of Asgard to come to my MUapp, so YA would be a good way to get my Loki fix.

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