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Writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock are receiving well-deserved praise for their new horror comic book series, Wytches. However, an often overlooked aspect of the comic’s first issue is Snyder’s backmatter commentary on the inspiration for Wytches – as a child, Snyder and his friend Ryan made a game of hunting witches in the woods of Pennsylvania. Snyder writes: “When I was a boy, I used to go witch hunting in the woods across the road from my house. It was one of my favorite activities, witch hunting. I would go with my neighbor, Ryan. Together we’d head out into the woods with a Polaroid camera (mine), and two bats with nails in them (his), in search of witches hiding out there.”

Wytches 1
The cover for WYTCHES #1, by Jock.

Snyder goes on to explain that his witch hunting activities with Ryan were just an imaginative childhood game that later inspired him to write Wytches, but his words sparked my imagination: “It was around age eleven that we started going monster hunting in the woods.”

When I read those words, I wanted so badly to read a comic book about a young Scott Snyder hunting witches and monsters in rural Pennsylvania.

Since no one is currently making such a comic, I’m publishing the free ongoing comic Scott Snyder: Witch Hunter via Twitter @ClockpunkEllis, and I need your help.

Below are three panels for the upcoming comic. The first panel’s captions are inspired by Snyder’s words from the backmatter of Wytches #1.  Please make suggestions in the comments for captions or word/thought balloons to be used in the other two panels, and I’ll select my favorite suggestions to complete the panels and then tweet them to Scott Snyder. You are welcome to submit as many suggestions – funny, serious, horrific – as you like.

Let’s make a comic!

PANEL TWO (please suggest a caption/word/thought balloon for this panel)
PANEL THREE (please suggest a caption/word/thought balloon for this panel)

UPDATE:  Please submit your ideas for panel captions or word/thought balloons by Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at Noon (Eastern Time).   Also, you are welcome to tweet your ideas to @ClockpunkEllis.

UPDATE TWO:  The winner of the caption/word balloon contest is Brent Keen (@keen_MD).  Congratulations!


Scott Snyder: Witch Hunter is not endorsed by Scott Snyder, and is intended as a respectful, not-for-profit parody comic series.

Wytches is copyrighted to Snyder and Jock, and published by Image Comics. Go buy it!

The images above are the property of their respective owner(s), and are presented for educational purposes only under the fair use doctrine of the copyright laws of the United States of America.


      1. Dude has quotable’s for days. The one that’s stayed on my FB page from the last 9 years is:
        “See I’m an 80’s babies Masters in Reganomics. School of hard knocks every day’s college. You aint did nothing I aint did N&^$ pay homage, or pay the doctor. I spray llama’s still. Time will reveal you know I’m being honest, ya’ll aint pull my coat yet, means I keep my shit in coat check. They say the truth will come to the light so everybody grab your shades cause your boy that bright. Goodnight”
        “Never studied the Quran or Islamic scriptures, just read the psalms on the arms of my n*&^s” is a close second.

  1. Panel One:
    Snyder “We are best friends let do this!!!! And then when we are done we can go home and discuss etymology”
    Scott “Rad”
    Panel Two:
    Snyder “Do you know what the name Chtullu comes from…..”
    Scott “Not rad”

  2. I’ve updated my original post to clarify the deadline for submitting ideas for panel captions and/or word/thought balloons: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at Noon (Eastern Time). Also, you are welcome to tweet your ideas to @ClockpunkEllis.

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