Review of Unfollow #1


6 thoughts on “Review of Unfollow #1”

  1. Excellent, innovative review, Dean. My favorite part of your review: “Taking first world problems to the extreme. If you had 121 million dollars, how long until it isn’t enough and you crave more?” Seriously, perhaps the one flaw to the premise; who in the world would be motivated to go on a killing spree to get more money than that?

    I hope the creative team addresses that issue.

    1. Well, some people are simply inherently greedy and/or dissatisfied regardless.

      It reminds me of walking out of a screening of Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and overhearing an audience member ask why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character needed to rob others when he already made two million a year. In that case the answer was that he was living like he made 5 million. Also there were the drugs.

      Yeah, watching that movie would probably be even more of a downer now than it was at release . . .

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