Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – The Mark Millar Interview

Every week, malevolent cosmic deity and comics connoisseur Cthulhu critiques comics via Twitter (@ClockpunkEllis).  Cthulhu also reaches out to comics creators on Twitter  to ask them tough, personal questions.  This week, Cthulhu contacted Mark Millar, the creator and writer of such comics as Kick-Ass, Supercrooks, MPH, Starlight, The Secret Service, and the upcoming Chrononauts, to ask him a tough question.


The Cthulhu character was created by H. P.  Lovecraft.

5 thoughts on “Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – The Mark Millar Interview”

  1. Really everyone has this nostalgia or fantasy for the past but man things would get progressively more and more bleak for every 50 years we were to jump back through time. I suppose living with nature in a tribal community would have its charms like closer family relations, zero processed foods and being surround by gorgeous green life but of course that also comes with zero law, possible starvation and jungle cat wrestling. Particularly not fun would be being murdered in your sleep just because you live in a rival village.
    Having said that, if anyone invents a time machine let me know. All we need is a hummer, lots of fuel, a linguist, and lots of guns and I’d sign right up. Was there a Little Caesar’s Pizza back in the Cretaceous? No? Crap.

  2. “Right now” is an excellent and unexpected answer. With exception of the future, there’s no other timeline I’d rather live in.
    However, studying other periods in history is fascinating business. I think I am most fascinated when reading on the times of Alexander the Great and his travels/conquests. And then the subsequent centuries concerning the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. The kooky Caesars are particularly intriguing.

    1. As a kid… errrr… teen… errr.. possibly as a young adult I think I wanted to live in medieval times. What a mistake that would be. They didn’t have dinner and shows; they had the inquisition and the black plaque (fun stuff). If I traveled back in time I would be immune to the plaque (as all of us are now) and I would probably get racked as a witch for surviving it.

  3. Good points. I was surprised by Millar’s answer; we all have fantasy period that we think it would be cool to escape to, but I think Millar is right. With today’s technology and medicine, even the people in the lowest economic strata in America have better health and lifestyles than the most wealthy and powerful of past eras. I would rather be a ditch digger in modern society than the Emperor of ancient Rome.

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