Indubitable Issues




Reed anticipates the horror of…
Nameless 1Nameless #1
It’s a science fiction horror book by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham – I have no idea what the book is about beyond that, but I’m so excited that I get to read it.


Itho uncovers another clue in…
663199_db5e308641e6bcc99542e10ba904568640ced194Detective Comics #39
I know, I know; a Batbook by not-Scott-Snyder? I dropped this book ages ago, but caught up with bargain priced back-issues and I got to say I’m feeling it. It looks beautiful, Buccellato’s writing is much improved, and it’s a much warmer Batman than we’re used to seeing. This arc, he’s facing Anarky whose a favorite of mine. So far, it does what ‘Arkham Origins’ and ‘Beware the Batman’ failed to do; make an accessible Batman story that’s not dumbed down.
theotherbluth teams up with…
Hellboy and the BPRD 1952 3Hellboy and the BPRD: 1952 #3
Young Hellboy on early missions with the BPRD should be all you need to hear in order to pick this up. Also of note, is the fact that you need no previous knowledge of the Mignolaverse to enjoy these stories; they’re new and exciting, so just take a chance on some awesome, and check out this book! Thank you, that is all
Patrick is in the corner of…
cCopra #19
 Copra’s back
Cosmo lights up for…
Saga 25Saga #25
GHUS!! (Oh yeah, and a few other characters we’ve grown fond of are also returning)
Cosmo enjoys the tale of…
cUnbeatable Squirrel Girl #2
It’s only the beginning of February, yet it feels like we’ve already been bombarded with a multitude of new titles this year. While several of these started strongly, my favorite so far is this one. Its off-beat tone immediately gave it a distinct voice, which set it apart from the competition. It was also a lot of fun to read. This book has a lot going for it and I’m excited to see where North and Henderson take their quirky vision next . . . 
Dean is scared to miss…
Scott Snyder Horror Books
The Horror. The Horror.

One thought on “Indubitable Issues”

  1. A lot of good looking stuff coming out. I can’t look at walruses anymore without thinking of all that fucked up shit in the movie TUSK.

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