7 thoughts on “M.O.D.O.K. Announces Sony/Marvel Studios Spider-Man Collaboration”

  1. That’s great news but if they do yet another origin story to set up this new actor as Spider-Man, I’ll be skipping it.
    It’s too bad they got rid of Garfield. I liked his witty banter when he battle foes more than Tobey McGuire’s rather stoic Spider-Man interpretation.

  2. This is great news. I was not enthused with the last 2 Amazing Spidey movies. They were ok. With Marvel Studios being on fire, I expect great things.

    1. Well, one thing to remember is that Sony is still in charge of the solo Spidey movies with Marvel “offering input.” So, these will still very much be Sony films . . .

  3. My main hope for this is that by making Spider-Man part of the larger MCU, Sony can curtail some of the their own expanded universe plans. One of things that really dragged down Amazing 2 was all of this groundwork laying for future stories. The movie never felt like much more than a prequel to something else. Hopefully now Sony can focus better on simply making entertaining Spider-Man movies . . .

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