Here’s A List Of Comics That Are “Ending” Post Secret Wars


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All-New Captain America
All-New Ghost Rider
All-New X-Men
Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing X-Men
Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
Avengers World
Captain Marvel
Fantastic Four
Guardians 3000
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
Legendary Star-Lord
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
New Avengers
Rocket Raccoon
Secret Avengers
Spider-Man & The X-Men
Spider-Man 2099
Superior Iron Man
Uncanny X-Men
Secret War

11 thoughts on “Here’s A List Of Comics That Are “Ending” Post Secret Wars”

  1. I’ll miss All New Ghost Rider
    and Ultimate Spiderman

    I’ll probably miss Thor, Guardians 3000 and Rocket Racoon as well but to a lesser extent.

  2. Wait Secret Wars is ending after Secret Wars? Bummer . . .

    Seriously, very glad to see Ms Marvel & Squirrel Girl absent from this list.

    As for the rest some like Elektra & Ghost Rider we already knew we’re ending. I have a hard time believing that all of the remaining series are being permanently canceled. I suspect a lot of them will be relaunched with the new status quo. So I’m playing wait & see for many of these . . .

  3. I will miss ALL NEW XMEN, IRON FIST, MILES, NOVA, SPIDEY 2099 and THOR. This is most likely another renumbering initiative.
    There is no way AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is getting canned indefinitely.

  4. Fucking Secret Wars. This whole thing is getting worse every day that it gets closer.

    I do agree that some of these titles must only be on a temporary hold, ready for some kind of re-launch once this nightmare is over. But I wasn’t best pleased that there was no new issue of Ant-Man in the June solicits, and I’m not happy to see Guardians 3000 and Nova on the above list of “cancelled” titles.

    As that list is almost every title that Marvel publishes, there’s no way that this is anything but a scare tactic or weird sales ploy. But it’s gonna save me a ton of money. I think my Marvel pre-order for June is four books. I’ll take the Secret Wars core series, but the rest of the tie-in crap doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    1. Ant-Man is simply taking a one month break on account of Secret Wars. Nick Spencer has confirmed that the series is not being canceled & will return in July.

      As I said above there is no way all these titles are being permanently canceled. So until I see post-event solicits I’m keeping hope alive for books like Nova, Rocket Raccoon & Guardians 3000 . . .

      1. Cheers for the Ant-Man news, Cosmo. At least that’s something.

        I’m not a fan of line wide cross-overs and this is shaping up to be the worst ever.

  5. I’ve come to realization it is what it is. Back in day when I was younger, I bought Crisis and all the changes it brought with the DCU, Age of Apocalypse thing and even Heroes Reborn (although I never quite made to the 12 issues it ran but did buy Heroes Return).

    As a teacher, I have several younger students who were quite excited about Spider Verse and now this event. I remember back in day when my friends and I had the same excitement and trepidation on the changes happening at DC.

    Clearly comics haven’t changed in terms of mega events but I have. I’ve gotten older and my taste have evolved past all the gimmicky events and universe reboots now. Unfortunately Axel Alonso and company are just redoing what has worked in the past but with more flair and tying it with a shiny new bow to help increase $$$. Apparently its working as the preorders for the first Secret Wars #1 is at half a million right now.

    I won’t be reading any of the new titles except the main one so, like Ian, I will be saving a ton of dough. I have plenty of back issues and Marvel Masterworks to read and catch up while this is happening.

    My only fear is that I won’t care for the post Secret Wars Marvel universe and that I can live without monthly Marvel titles after all during this period.

    1. Both my Marvel and DC pull lists seem to be shrinking these days. I actively look for ways to cut books and save money, so I can see myself using this as a dropping off point for some series even if they do return.

      Like you, Jeremy, I do fear for the future of the Marvel Universe after Secret Wars is over (and what’s “secret” about it anyway, everything is involved), and I just hope that somehow things manage to claw their way back to normal.

      I’ve read a couple of interviews with people like Alex Alonso, asking why people want to know the ending to this before it’s begun. The answer is simple, not all of us get excited by this kind of promotional bollocks and just want a return to the old days where creators were left alone to tell their stories and develop their characters without constant interference from rubbish like this.

      I’m not interested or excited about Secret Wars, I’m dreading the whole thing, and I want to know what the future is for the characters/series I read.

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