Review From The Future: Past Aways #2

STK668376-600x904By Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins

This review will be written on April 29th, 2015. Today, I stumbled across a time tear and this review fell out. Surprisingly, it contains no spoilersso don’t hesitate to have a read. What is the worst that could happen…

(famous last words)

Matt Kindt has written about multiple universes, mind control agents and the fine art of strange crimes. It is time for him to put his stamp on time travel. The problem with time travel stories, most people get bogged down in inconsistencies. Everyone has their own idea of how time travel should work, and since it doesn’t actually exist (yet), theories can be backed up simply with logical explanations. Any inconsistencies between a story and a personal theory must be well explained or it may be dubbed as sloppy. Matt Kindt knows this, and guess what? He doesn’t care. Matt Kindt has crafted his own Universe across all his creator-owned books. He doesn’t care about, what I would call, the “time travel rules.” Matt Kindt is going to tell a time travel story the way he sees it, which is going to be much more creative than the way I see it. So throw everything you know about time travel out the window before reading this book. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy this inventively crafted story about a time back in the distant future.

I do not know what it was that gave Matt Kindt the idea to use the boarder space of the page to enhance his story, but it has become one of my favourite things about his work. The boarder on Mind MGMT volume 2 was the key to my Cracking The Kindt Case a few months ago. The boarder makes its return in Past Aways and is in full force for issue #2. If you have not read issue #1, let me give you a little recap. The story is about a deep-time exploring team who have been stranded in our primitive time. With no hope on the horizon, the team separated and lost contact with each other. Issue #1 picks up as team leader Art tries to rally the troops back together. Art believes there are things happening in this time that can aid them in their return home. Issue #2 picks up as Art shows the team around their new headquarters. He has been collecting a number of artifacts over the past year which have fallen through time tears. This is where the boarder adds so much depth to the story. As Art walks his team through the artifacts, one of the artifacts is boxed and in the boarder there is an explanation of the weapon, or gadget, or life form. It is a great tool you do not see very often. A very nice addition to this story.



As much as issue #2 is focused on laying the groundwork of the world this team came from and how it relates to the world we know, it is also about the relationships between team members. Something has happened between the team members in the time they have spent in the twenty first century. For a team that has travelled the depths of time together, they seem to be quite edgy around each other. Early on, Ursula is already one of my favourite group members. First of all, she has some sort of tablet with her at all times, which appears to be wired to her head. I know if this was an option, there would be a lot of people out there that would like their text messages downloaded directly into their brain. What a great idea. Receive your messages immediately and you don’t have to read anything! Sounds great. She also seems quite separated from her emotions, which makes sense if she has a tablet connected to her brain. However, I think it might be something else that has happened to Ursula. Something turned her from a excited explorer to an emotionless, depressive teammate. In the first issue, she is seen at least three times trying to kill herself, which we find out in the first issue is impossible for the team member to do. No matter what they do, they cannot die. This is definitely one of the factors in Ursula’s depressing mood, but I think there is more to this story. It is apparent that when these characters were not a team they assumed different roles, with different group dynamics. Now that they have reformed, everything that has happened is in the past, it is time for them to get down to business and become the team they used to be in the future.



Kindt is crafting an exciting and interesting time travel story. The pairing with Scott Kolins creates the perfect goofy feel. The book is not suppose to be taken too seriously, otherwise you are going to get bogged down in your own ideas of time travel. This is the one difference I find between Past Aways and other Kindt creator-owned work. All of Kindt’s other inventive takes on sci-fi material is taken very serious because of his art. When I read Mind MGMT and Revolver, I believe that this is the world we live in. The art sets the realistic setting to the imaginative stories. With Scott Kolins pencilling Past Aways, it feels less serious, which allows it to be more fun. A perfect pairing for this type of story.

If you have not jumped on Past Aways yet, I would recommend picking up issues #1 and #2 before things get out of hand. You will have some fun getting introduced to the team in issue #1, and you will learn a little about their past in issue #2. Help this team get back to their own time! If you don’t read it, then it can’t happen.

– Dean

4 thoughts on “Review From The Future: Past Aways #2”

  1. Sounds good, Dean. I always like it when writers try different twists on previous ideas like time travel.
    Once I’m done catching up reading on Rat Queens, Sex Criminals and all the other stuff you guys keep making me spend my money on, this will be the next tpb on my list.

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