Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users

Twitter, a place where anybody can write anything into the hyper loop of white noise on the internet. Most people are bad at twitter but a very few are excellent at it. These are the ten elite comics creators twitter feeds

10. Annie Wu

9. Kieron Gillen

8. Gail Simone

7. Spike Troutman

6. Jonathan Hickman

5. Brandon Graham

4. G. Willow Wilson

3. Michael DeForge

2. Chip Zdarsky

1. Rob Liefeld AKA The ROB

Bonus Tweeters

Clockpunk Ellis, a robot who think’s he’s Warren Ellis created by Leonardo Da Vinci via our own Reed Beebe & Josh Rector

Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire’s cat, Buffy

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Comics Best Twitter Users”

  1. What’s hilarious is that I enjoyed all of those tweets…

    but the thing that amused me the most was the cat protecting the mini pumpkin. Skynet would definitely fuck up any world ruled by people like me.

  2. Clockpunk Ellis is going to be insufferable now that its tweets have been showcased on NOTHING BUT COMICS, alongside Buffy the Cat, no less. 🙂

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