Indubitable Issues




Patrick wishes there was more of…
Convergence: Shazam #2
It’s the Shazam comic that we all wished actually existed in the real world as an ongoing but sadly, will only be for two issues in it’s present state. Still, you gotta take what you can get

Itho likes the look of…
Old-Man-logan-78523Old Man Logan #1
If anyone should be writing this, it should be Mark Millar. But since it has to happen NOW and not in 3-5 years time, we’re getting Bendis. The real treat though is Andrea Sorrentino’s art. If I buy any book this year solely for the art, it will be this one.
theotherbluth doesn’t have to wait for…
cSabrina #3
Thankfully issue three came out within a decent timeframe, so we can all rejoice and join our favorite teenage witch for more 60’s Riverdale creepy-time. This is a wonderful compliment to AfterLife with Archie, both the story from Aguirre-Sacasa, and the hauntingly perfect art by Robert Hack are great examples of high quality comics.
Cosmo…well, you know…
Sex 21Sex #21
Yes, the title suggests sensational titillation, and yes there is a fair amount of that. However, dig a little deeper than surface beauty and you find a fascinating character study riffing on familiar tropes of the superhero genre. The new arc starts this week, so why not give it a chance? Never hurts to try something new, yes?
Dean admires the team on…
cAll-New Hawkeye #3
A book that combines beautiful art and beautiful story telling with a goofy pair of Hawkeye’s who just can help but get themselves into trouble trying to do what’s right.


Cosmo is ready to face off with…
666809_e30857ae0bd4ec28d6696e62fa0b9bd1b39ca1c8Convergence: Detective Comics #2
The first issue of this series varied the Convergence formula by giving equal time to both halves of the face-off, alternating between Red Son Superman and the pairing of the Huntress with an adult Dick Grayson adrift between identities. The result was some interesting character work by Len Wein coupled by lovely art from the team of Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz. Out of all the final Convergence tie-ins, this is the one I’m most looking forward to reading this week . . .

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