“Who’s the Scariest Member of Squadron Sinister?”: The Red Bee Interviews Marc Guggenheim

The Marvel Comics supervillain team Squadron Sinister is formidable. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema and debuting in The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969), the evil team members were based on DC Comics characters: the Superman-inspired Hyperion, the Batman-esque Nighthawk, the Flash-like Whizzer, etc.

The creative team on the Marvel Comics Secret Wars tie-in Squadron Sinister – writer Marc Guggenheim and artists Carlos Pacheco, Mariano Taibo, and Frank Martin – remind readers just how powerful, evil, and scary these characters are.

At Nothing But Comics, we were curious to know which Squadron Sinister character Guggenheim thought was the scariest, so we dispatched superhero the Red Bee to ask him.

Thanks for the tip about Nighthawk, Marc!  We’re eager to read future issues of Squadron Sinister – the first issue is on sale now!

Squadron Sinister 1

5 thoughts on ““Who’s the Scariest Member of Squadron Sinister?”: The Red Bee Interviews Marc Guggenheim”

  1. I’ve read quite a few Squadron Supreme comics (which were great). I don’t remember Squadron Sinister. This looks interesting though. I’m really digging the Marvel U app now that I’m caught up (-6 months) and I’ll put this on my read list, thanks.

    1. Yeah, the Squadron Sinister preceded the Squadron Supreme; Roy Thomas introduced these DC Comics homages as villains in the Marvel Universe, than had the idea that these characters could be a superhero team from another universe. Comics!

      What I liked about the first issue of this SQUADRON SINISTER series is that it has Doctor Zero in it; that character used to have his own series as part of Marvel’s Epic Line of superheroes back in the 80s, and I enjoyed seeing him in action again.

      1. I’ll keep an eye out for Doc Zero (to fix?), On second thought, I’ll keep my eye in but I will make a mental note of Doc Zero, thanks!

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