#ValiantSummit Live Blog

Valiant Comics will be announcing a whole slew of new titles today live on periscope. Will be following the announcements and sharing them here. Stay tuned and keep that refresh button handy for all the new Valiant news coming up at 3 PM EST.unnamed (2)

Valiant will be offering a series of $1 reprinting debut issues of their titles to allow new readers and curios fans to jump into their universe. The available titles will be The Valiant, Ninjak, Rai, The Death Defying Doctor Mirage, Divinity, Bloodshot Reborn, Harbinger & XO-Manowar


Cover for Bloodshot #6. Most of the talk so far has been focused on past and current titles.


Original Matt Kindt creation will be appearing in Joshua Dysart’s Imperium

unnamed (3)

Book Of Death is on track to being one of the best selling independent comics debut’s of 2015 with over 70,000 orders. It is also Valiant’s best selling series launch to date. Each issue is 40 pages long including an 8+ page look into the future. The Book of Death will also feature an all animal super team titled The Best Brigade featuring the infamous Goat from Quantum & Woody. Will also seed new characters with future ties to the Valiant universe.

unnamed (4)
Eternal Warrior will be returning to Valiant’s publishing line. Robert Vendetti will be writing a new series based on the character spinning out of the Book Of Death titled Death Of The Eternal Warrior. It will be illustrated by Raul Allen who has recently signed up an exclusive contract with Valiant Comics. It will be an ongoing series.

unnamed (6)Jen Van Meter will be returning to The Death Defying Dr. Mirage on a second miniseries starting in December of 2015 with David Baron & Robert De La Torre. Titled Death Defying Dr Mirage Second Lives

unnamed (5)

Coming in 2016, Valiant will be reaching the 50th issue of XO Manowar. The longest running ongoing since the companies relaunch.

That’s all in way of announcements.

2 thoughts on “#ValiantSummit Live Blog”

  1. Really looking forward to Eternal Warrior under Vendetti and Dr Mirage was a really good mini series the first time around so that’s another one to look forward to.

  2. The first issue of bloodshot reborn I didn’t love mostly because I couldn’t picture him without his powers but damned if I don’t live this book now. Blood squirt in Lemire art, nuff said!

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