DC Comics Launching Several Mini-Series Written By The Characters Original Creators In Early 2016

635717467754088290-Jonboy-METAL-MEN-CMYK-PROMO-V.2In early 2016, DC Comics will be launching several miniseries of some of their own off brand superhero’s, with many of the comics written by the character’s original creators. Lein Wein will be returning to his Swamp Thing creation in addition to writing a new Metal Men series. Marv Wolfman will be writing Raven, Gerry Conway will be writing Firestorm and Mike Barr will be writing Katana. Other series will include a long demanded via twitter Poison Ivy series by Amy Chu, a Metamorpho book Aaron Lopresti & a Sugar & Spike comic by Keith Giffen. More details at USA Today

18 thoughts on “DC Comics Launching Several Mini-Series Written By The Characters Original Creators In Early 2016”

  1. SUGAR AND SPIKE? “They’re not spoiled kids anymore, but they’re older and they’re operating as private investigators handling problems and mysteries that the superheroes can’t handle themselves,” said DC co-publisher Dan DiDio about Giffen’s surprising new series.

    1. I’ll give this Sugar and Spike a try thanks to Cosmo’s reminder about what Giffen has contributed to some of my favorite comics.

      Private Eyes eh? Hopefully as good as Speser.

  2. Yes, don’t get me wrong; humor aside, I think the idea is intriguing and I want to see what Giffen can do with it.

    Besides, it’s a great excuse to share YoutTube intro footage of some of my favorite TV detective shows…

        1. Ha! I watched bits and pieces of Magnum PI as a kid and enjoyed it but didn’t think too much about it until an air conditioning service guy recommended it and Selleck’s westerns to me (based on my “Man with no name” and “Indiana Jones” garage art. I took the advice and bought the westerns and season 1 (they are on my short list of things to watch). Anyone that was up for the Indiana Jones part must have been good.

            1. MAGNUM PI is awesome. The guy is a handsome former Navy Seal and Naval Intelligence officer who now lives rent-free at a beach house in Hawaii and drives a Ferrari while he works cases; of his two best friends, one FLIES A HELICOPTER and the other RUNS A BAR! What a life!

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