Loose Ends 7/24/2015

Friend of the site Brent Schenker talks about why all the noise on Orphan Laws in nonsense over at Graphic Policy-Pat

JA Michellene of the controversial Strange Fruit #1 review clarifies her feelings on white creators portrayals of POC in comics-Pat

Meanwhile Mark Waid responds with some words of wisdom that I’d recommend you all follow-Pat

Alberto Burneko writes about the Batman vs Superman film as a concept on Deadspin in a very Deadspin way-Pat

Walt Hickey at 538 analyzes the data behind Marvel’s box office dominance-Josh

Ales Kot talks Wolf, Material, comics, race & equality over at Vulture-Pat

Matt Fraction writes about the importance of illustrators in comics creation-Pat

Sean T Collins celebrates Hellboy-Pat

Alex Pappademas profiles Umberto Gonzalez and how he’s become the top source on comics film news leaks-Pat

Dave Schilling observes the evolution of superhero costumes in film-Pat

Earth 2 is for real-Pat

9 thoughts on “Loose Ends 7/24/2015”

  1. I have the highest respect for Brandon Graham; he’s one of my personal creative heroes. But, candidly, I didn’t care for that tweet against Morrison. I don’t think it was civil and I don’t think it was fair. Morrison did a lot of controversial, risky work (for example, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF HITLER, ST. SWITHIN’S DAY, BIG DAVE) before he was discovered by Karen Berger at Vertigo and allowed to do controversial, risky work at DC Comics.

    I think Morrison can be legitimately proud of his punk roots and aesthetic, which he brought – to some degree – to mainstream comics.

    1. It seems to me, that Morrison built his career on UK comics. 2000 AD is pretty punk rock. So what I’m saying is that I agree. Did I mention that I used to say ignorant things about Morrison as well. Well I did and it was stupid.

  2. “I want Heavy Morrison to be a good mag but dude stop talking about how punk you are. Your career was built through Time warner.”

    That means he can’t be punk?? That was kind of a stupid comment. Lost a little respect for Brandon Graham there. Could it be that Heavy Metal will now be a serious rival to Island? See now I’m saying stupid comments. If there is one thing that annoys me more than stupid comments, it is someone who makes me say stupid comments.

    1. “dude stop talking about how punk you are”

      This comment seems directed at Grant Morrison…but he forgot to @grantmorrison… at least when Nothing But Comics calls out Cullen Bunn we send our fearless leader to go confront him about it in person 🙂

  3. If anyone hasn’t read the Sean Collin’s HELLBOY piece, I highly recommend it. It’s a nice summary of what makes the Mignolaverse so special, and it makes a connection to the pessimistic “long defeat” mood of Tolkien;s works that I never considered before.

  4. Comparing two giants of the comics medium writing a comic involving race to regular joes responsibly or not responsibly drinking isn’t a great analogy. There is another way to look at this. Through a positive lens. People often choose to look at things positively or negatively. Why not look at this as a learning experience for all parties about the important history involved. Who else was going to write about his. We all want more African American creators in comics but where are they and were they going to write this? If they did, would it actually be better? Would the art be better? Almost certainly not. Would the writing be better? Maybe the writing would be better but if I was rationally thinking about this and I was asked about using a talented veteran or an unknown rookie I would choose a talented veteran no matter what race they were. Also, in regards to the content and “white savior” characters we can also look at this either positively or negatively. This is a comic and a superhero comic no less. Do superhero comics make a habit of showing roll models as characters? Even is it is more honest to make all the white characters less likely to help in that era, is that what you really want to see depicted in a superhero comic book? Aren’t superhero comics all about finding role models and doing the right thing? Could this be a teachable moment? Could the white people reading this want to be like the “heroes” and not the villains? Isn’t that positive? Maybe Waid isn’t making it easier for white eyes to view this comic but rather suggesting that this is how you should behave (or maybe he is doing both).

    The author of that review now suggests that Waid does not know what racism even is (suggesting that white people believe that it is only saying the N word). That is another ridiculous statement. If the critic knew how this comic ends maybe she wouldn’t assume that about Waid. This comic is not about people saying the N word but about hundreds of thousand of people loosing their homes and scores dying and getting no help because of their color (that is racism). Waid knows what racism is, as do I and as does Pat and everyone else that visits this site. Even if White people will never know what it is exactly like to be colored; it is pretty silly to suggest that white people would have no idea what it is like. People can imagine even if they get it slightly wrong. At the end of the day it is the intention that really matters.

      1. I’ll never allow myself to be suckered into reading another JA Micheline misguided article. It’s simply a waste of time. Comparing comics creation to drunk driving is a poor analogy.
        Also, to make a generalization by saying that the problem is that comics like Strange Fruit make white people think x, y and z is counterproductive to her overall point. I don’t even know what all white people are thinking. So how does she know?
        And the people that she’s talking about are comic book fans. Some of the most open minded, if not downright most liberally progressive people I’ve encountered. She’s blatantly throwing us in the same lot as racist. Suggesting that if I don’t watch my comic comsumption, I might drunkenly drive my way into being racist. It’s insulting. Criticize the creators all you want, but when start assuming how the piece affects the readership, particularly of other races, then you’re swerving way out of your lane. Also, I’m not convinced that Marvel is purposely keeping black people out of their offices, as she implies. Again, how would she know?
        There is definitely a race relations problem in America and the rest of the world, but let’s keep some perspective and address the issue at its heart. Systemic racism in government, policing and corporations is a REAL problem. Linking comics creators and fans to the overall problem is just senseless. But that’s just, like…my opinion, man.

  5. Here is something interesting.

    George RR Martin discusses his Marvel comics fandom, saying that he is always happy to meet Stan Lee again for the first time (apparently Stan doesn’t know who he is or remember him, ha!). Mr Martin says that if he had to choose a Marvel character to write it would be Dr, Strange.


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