Nightwing #2 Review


By Tim Seely, Javier Fernandez, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos M. Mangual

Can Dick Grayson work with someone worse than Batman?

This is the question Dick and we, as the readers, must ask ourselves when reading this issue.

The Parliament of Owls is suspicious of Grayson’s commitment to their organization and so has teamed him up with someone with few moral qualms, if any.

Raptor is a mix of Bronze Tiger and Midnighter, someone who does whatever it takes to get the job done while playing the long game. He is ahead of Dick Grayson already, but is willing to teach him a few things so they can both get the leg up on the Parliament but doing so will test Dick’s resolve.

Yet again, I’m so thankful for Rebirth for the rare opportunities its given to titles like this to forge ahead stronger than before. Although its hard to top Grayson when it was at its peak, Nightwing easily serves as a worthy successor which is funny because this is arguably what Dick Grayson should be doing. He’s still traveling the world and doing espionage missions, but “out in the open” as Nightwing. Seely maintains this vibrant energy that was present in Grayson but also finds ways to play to Dick’s strengths as a crimefighter.

Together with artist Javier Fernandez, the art is as breezy and fun as the story. It’s not super heavy or detailed, it’s just as much that’s needed to get the point across but with Fernandez playing with the camera at all times to keep the reader’s eye moving across the page and feeling the movements of the characters themselves. Sotomayor on colors helps with this using a wide range of colors and tertiary hues that give the book a youthfulness and accentuates the rich environments that Dick is traveling in.

The plot is political, but not in a very pedestrian way by just mocking a presidential candidate or whatever is on CSPAN at the moment. It’s subtle, and historical, and kind of real but without beating you over the head with it’s message. It works as a nice test of the limits Dick will go to beat the Parliament and if Raptor is the guy to help him do it.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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