Loose Ends 8/15/2015

So the Fantastic Four movie was the biggest superhero flop in years. Vulture gives a timeline on it’s bad buzz-Pat

Meanwhile, Fantastic Four star Miles Teller acted like a douche nozzle in Esquire-Pat

Rob Bricken of I09 tries to summarize the film-Pat

While critic Wesley Morris is astonished that it even exists in it’s current form-Pat

And of course, it bombed at the box office-Pat

Mark Harris wonders if this is a sign of superhero films losing their luster-Pat

On a more positive note, Katie Couric covers the rise of the female superhero-Pat

Chris Ryan recaps True Detectives dissapointing finale and second season-Pat

Shea Hennum takes comics media to task for not covering Attack On Titan’s massive sales-Pat

CJ Ward writes about his switch to digital from pencil, paper & ink-Pat

Tech Time rates the ten best anime series on Netflix right now-Pat

I think this makes a lot of good points about Jubilee as a character, but then I kind of hate Jubilee anyway from the 90s X-Men cartoon-Josh (Ed Note: Jubilee rules!!!!)

Warner Herzog’s Ant-Man-Cosmo

Putting the Batman Vs Superman early screenings buzz in context-Cosmo

Joe Keatinge going on wonderful tangents on the Off Panel podcast-Pat

Steve Orlando talks Virgil and the importance of  doing your homework on the subjects you write-Pat

Kieron Gillen on not self identifying as a feminist but supporting feminism-Pat

Cullen Bunn talks the problematic racial identity of Psylocke-Pat

Our universe is dying, Hickman is a prophet-Pat

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