Doom Patrol #1 Review


By Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, Todd Klein, James Harvey

Life. Death. Rebirth. Redeath. Reup. Double-Down, turn it around.

We are not amused.

Reality spinsters like a nesting doll in an ice machine.

I’ll have a double fudge ripple hedgehog with extra shards and wood. 

Is any of this making sense?

Nothing makes sense Dear. It’s science.

Where’s the kid with all the answers and the fop?

He’s gone and become a real boy, this is all that’s left.

Oh. Any more crumpets?

Yes, of course.

Is that Danny-the-Street?

No, it’s Danny-the-Meat!

What’s Dr.Niles Caulder Doing? E+Input+F(ly).

Too clean like scorched earth and tartar sauce.

Robot Man is a bucket of bolts, spit out of flaming gyro. The half man has gone for a walk, here’s Terry None.

It’s all sunshine and peppercorns here on the fringe.

Sorry, I’ve had enough of this. One second




Test Results: Inconclusive

Have a Nice Day.

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