Cosmo’s Gallery, 10-05-15

Batwoman Ben Oliver
Batwoman by Ben Oliver

Spider-Man Andrew Robinson
Spider-Man by Andrew Robinson
The Rocketeer Riley Rossmo
The Rocketeer by Riley Rossmo
Ninjak Nezotholem
Ninjak by Nezotholem
Corba Commander Marcus To
Corba Commander by Marcus To
Quantum and Woody Mike Becker
Quantum and Woody by Mike Becker
Bat-Prince Erica Henderson
NYCC Print by Erica Henderson
Catwoman Chanel Kevin Wada
Chanel Catwoman by Kevin Wada
Ice Amanda Conner
Ice by Amanda Conner
Emma Frost Stephanie Hans
Emma Frost by Stephanie Hans
Magneto John Paul Leon
Magneto by John Paul Leon
Demon Francesco Francavilla
The Demon by Francesco Francavilla
Lockjaw and Medusa Jeremy Vinar
Lockjaw and Medusa by Jeremy Vinar

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