Loose Ends 10/9/2015

Comics went a whole week without a harassment scandal and as a karmic reward,  Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib writes a brilliant post comparing Disney sidekicks to rappers at Black Nerd Problems. Thank you universe-Pat

Kurt Busiek went to twitter to defend Frank Miller’s Superman cover and Robot 6 compiled it-Pat

Chris Sims and Matt Wilson are joined by Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca and Nick Barber on the War Rocket Ajax podcast where we learn about Leila Del Duca’s mom defending her in the comments section of an NPR article-Pat

Laura Sheldon writes about how comics can be better with race at The New Statesmen-Pat

Greg Hatcher spotlights ten under the radar Batman stories at Comics Should Be Good in accordance with Batman Day-Pat

Sean Collins writes about how Space Ghost changed television and comedy over at Grantland-Pat

Rachel Deering writes about why she still recommends Chris Sims work in spite of the recent controversy over his online harassment on her Tumblr-Pat


10 thoughts on “Loose Ends 10/9/2015”

    1. I guess that’s not too surprising. I live near that shooter that killed that kid (tried to kill all of them) over loud music at a gas station and I was listening to the local NPR station and most calls were this “but these, punks always play their music loud, they are rude!” ?????? Ya, so by that logic, every time a person does something rude, they should be killed (which means every person on the planet wouldn’t make it to adult hood). I was disgusted that these were PBS/NPR listeners. After that shooting I actively listened for loud music coming from cars for months. Can anyone guess what the loudest and most frequent style of music was coming out of cars? Anyone? … I heard Country music at least 3 times at much as rock and hip hop so it turns out that it’s ok if it’s blasting country. It turns out that it is not about loud music and is more about music preference. One person’s music is another person’s “noise” (as the callers were calling it). Loud music is about being young, peer pressure, often temporary hearing loss and sometimes rudeness but it’s not worthy of a death sentence especially if your real beef is music style.

    2. Ha, you should go look at it. One is a dude being like “DERP WHY DOES NPR COVER THIS AND NOT RUSH LIMBAUGH?” & the other is like “COMICS ARE A WASTE. GO GROW A GARDEN”

      1. Comment one:

        Paul Marado • 10 months ago

        Rush limbaugh has better books. NPR won’t even talk about them.

        Comment two:

        Mark David • 10 months ago

        Total waste of time .get a good life.Go outside and Live for real/Gro a garden .Help your neighbor.This is so contrived it defiyes a reasonable explanation.

        Mama Del Duca’s comment:
        Linda del duca • 10 months ago

        It’s fine if comics are not your thing. But, there are real people doing creative, hard work behind them. Some comics make interesting social/political statements, whether blatant or subtle. My daughter worked hard for years to break into the comic scene as an artist. She is to be commended, especially because she did so growing up in a single parent home without a lot of money available to help her pay for college. Joe Keatinge and the others are also working hard to produce a quality comic that is receiving a very favorable response from comic lovers. Thank you, NPR for such a great write up!

          1. Highlights for me are “Rush Limbaugh’s books are better” & “Gro(with no w) a garden” also, why the fuck is a review of a comicbook “contrived”

            1. I think he meant the comic was contrived (if that makes any sense). Either way, whoever those people are, they are morons.

  1. Did anyone see the news yesterday that revealed that intense exercise activates the same receptors in the brain that smoking weed does. I knew that already… ha. It’s probably why weed never impressed me.

  2. Speaking of those underrated Batman stories I picked up Mike Barr’s Two-Face story at the Con yesterday. As a fan of Barr’s Bat-tales I’m looking forward to reading it. Also the price: $2 an issue . . .

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