Loose Ends 10/16/2015

The New York Times has seven cartoonist show why comics as a medium is vital, including NBC favorite Jillian Tamaki

Paste Magazine has Tula Lotay illustrate Bear In Heavens song Demon

Comicosity talks to Jason Latour about his motivations and inspirations for Spider-Gwen

David Harper explores the ways that Brandon Graham’s 8House & Island experiment with form at SKTCHD

Ellie Collins writes a retrospective for Sophia Campbell’s Wet Moon at Comics Allience

Fresh Air interviews Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed  about it’s return and how he was inspired by Harper Lee

Graffiti writers tag “Homeland Is Racist” for Homeland scene and Homeland is too dumb to realize it until after the show airs

The Frisky reveals new Serial revelations regarding Don, Hae’s last boyfriend before she died

Very often, hardcore DC Comics fans online remind me of the way Hamilton Nolan feels about Met’s fans at Gawker

I09 get comics artist like Nathan Fox, Jim Mahfood, Joe Stanton and more to sketch Donald Trump as a super villain. Who do you think wins?

19 thoughts on “Loose Ends 10/16/2015”

        1. Ha, Marnie is the best!!!!! I love the dialogue her owner does of her. I’d read a comic about her as opposed to Grumpy Cat

            1. Also, the cat doesn’t even look that much like Grumpy Cat.

              The real question though: was the comic worse than last year’s holiday special? My wife is a cat fanatic and even she didn’t watch that.

              Basically, what I’ve learned is that Grumpy Cat’s owner has no shame and will pimp her pet out on anything . . .

              1. I didn’t see the special but it’s unfortunate that there wasn’t more effort put into these things. The writing was so uninspired that i think that you, Pat and I could have come up with better plot and character work in less than a week. The obvious route was to make the cat grumpy but what if he just looked grumpy and had to deal with the misunderstandings that would arise from people’s perceptions of a grumpy looking face. Larry David could write an awesome Grumpy Cat. Too much work I guess… Garfield 2 will do… There were three short stories in the comic and the first 2 were terrible. The last was mildly entertaining… Extremely mildly.

                  1. Ya, Tartar is cute. There is a stray that I feed (bad me, bad me) that looks very much like Tartar except even more cute believe it or not. It’s kind of cool having a cat patrol around ones house. It works for a bit of security because I know if he is visible then there aint any creeps hanging around. He’s mostly visible when we get active; it’s an instant relief seeing him.

                    1. For all the $$ I spend on mine it’s the least they could do. Plus, they can help to raise awareness to rescuing animals ala Marnie

                    2. I suppose. I guess it mostly comes down to how well the pet is treated for me. There is a positive and a negative to everything. If the pet is acting as something akin to a trophy wife and is just being used then that sucks. Humans are mostly selfish creatures but with pets I hope love comes before media exposure. If love comes first then I don’t see the problem with it.

                      I’m having visions of Paris Hilton with a dog in her purse. Somehow I know that isn’t quite right.

                    3. Does Marnie have a brain injury? I’ve read that animals with brain injuries can hold their head sideways and stick out their tongue. I mean it’s super cute in a kind of ewok /sloth from Goonies mashup. Sloth rocks!

                      Any excuse to talk about Sloth!


                    4. As per Marnie’s tumblr
                      “According several veterinarians, Marnie once experienced a brief illness called Vestibular Syndrome. Many owners mistakenly think their dog is dying or having a stroke when they actually have Vestibular Syndrome, and most dogs are able to recover and continue living normal, pain-free and happy lives— sometimes with a head-tilt!”

                    5. Yeah, I’m not saying anything about Tartar’s owner (though really some quality control in licensing is clearly in order). It’s just I could easily imagine people adopting animals just because they think they can make money off them. Kind of like the classic Beauty Pageant Mother type except with cats. Now I freely admit that I don’t know of any actual cases — could just be my cynical imagination at work . . .

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