Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie?

To celebrate Halloween, Nothing But Comics woke malevolent cosmic monster Cthulhu from its slumber to contact 14 comics creators on Twitter and ask them about their favorite horror movies.



The responses are provided below…

CthulhuPicPaul Grist – writer/artist of Jack Staff, Mudman, and Demon Nic.


CthulhuPicLeah Moore – co-writer of Wild Girl, Albion, and Storm Warning.


CthulhuPicJon Davis-Hunt – artist of Clean Room.


CthulhuPicMark Russell – writer of Prez and author of God is Disappointed in You.


CthulhuPicKim Newman – author of Anno Dracula and co-writer of Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland.


CthulhuPicCorinna Bechko – co-writer of Invisible Republic and Aliens/Vampirella.


CthulhuPicMontynero – writer of Death Sentence.


CthulhuPicLeila del Duca – artist of Shutter.


CthulhuPicDavid Mandel – executive producer and director of Curb Your Enthusiasm and writer of Marvel’s Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra.


CthulhuPicSteve Orlando – writer of Midnighter.


CthulhuPicChristos Gage – writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10.


CthulhuPicJeremy Haun – co-writer/artist of The Beauty.


CthulhuPicPaul Cornell – writer of Doctor Who and This Damned Band.


CthulhuPicRebekah Isaacs – artist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10.


Cthulhu appreciates all the comics creators who responded to its tweets – please know that when Cthulhu destroys the world, your demise will be quick.

Happy Halloween

Cthulhu was created by H. P.  Lovecraft.

42 thoughts on “Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie?”

  1. Hmm, I agree with Paul Cornell — I Walked with a Zombie is definitely one of my favorites. Vampyr might be my all time fave. Not sure. I do have a bias towards the classic, more atmospheric horror films . . .

    Oh and Del Duca’s right about Beasts of No Nation . . .

          1. Well I don’t know how you feel about Charlie Kuafman but his new film has been getting very strong advance reviews. There are probably 3 or 4 films left to open this year that I have high expectations for . . .

            Last I checked my year’s best list had 14 entries. Some of those might not make the final cut though. We’ll see . . .

            1. Yeah, you see more then me. I saw a lot of movies I liked & enjoyed seeing in the theatre. That said, only movies I’d have on a best of list or consider great are those 3 + Dope. Kaufman is great so I’ll be checking for it

              1. That’s fair. Anomalisa is the name of the new Kaufman film. A stop-go animated movie about a man dealing with his banal existence. Opens at the end of the year . . .

                  1. I’m pretty pyched for it. MoMA’s doing an advance screening with Kaufman in person, which I’m going to try an’ snag tickets for, but it’ll probably be high demand . . .

  2. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. The classic monster movies from the 30’s-50’s are great. I love the 70’s-80’s masked/disfigured killers like Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leather Face and Pinhead. Then there’s the sci-fi horror movies like Alien and The Thing
    At this moment, I might go with Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I really like what he’s done with the franchise.

    1. Interestingly, the director of the exorcist says that the 2014 movie, “the Babadook” is the scariest movie he has ever seen. I liked it but didn’t like the unexplained resolution. Worth a watch though.

      1. I see that THE BABADOOK can be watched on Netflix, and I’m planning to watch it on Halloween. Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. Cool, ya, it has elements similar to the exorcist so hopefully you enjoy. It’s Australian and has a lot of sound effect scares just FYI. The kid is a good actor and kind of makes the movie.

          1. OK – saw THE BABADOOK last night. CREEPED ME OUT!!! While I think everyone would find that movie disturbing, as a parent I think it really unnerves parents with little kids.

            I thought the ending was not a strong as I would have liked, but overall a very scary movie. Thanks to you and Rebekah Isaacs for the recommendation.

            1. Ya, I liked how they were casting eyes on the mother and son for blame and how the supernatural element was not definite for a while. The feeding at the end has no explanation otherwise it would be a perfect movie.

            2. SPOILER

              I was really thinking they weren’t being fair with that kid near the beginning (sister in particular). It was pretty cool how tough the kid was (all along really). Very brave considering never knowing his father (or in any circumstance for that matter). He was only very scared when his mother acted out.

              If I was in that family, i would never talk to my Aunt/Sister ever again.

              1. Yeah, the Aunt/Sister was COMPLETELY insensitive and her daughter and friends were awful. The elderly neighbor was a great character.

    2. Incidentally, I had a friend that always asked me to see devil possession related movies with him. Every one of the many that came out. After a few years of that it started to creep me out. The implication that someone believes that people can actually be possessed (and that it may be common) seems like a dangerous belief to me. All kinds of things can be justified for and against people if one believes another person or themselves is possessed.

      1. I agree, it is a dangerous belief. People, if not recently, have been locked up and publicly condemned for preceived possession.

        1. You know how you never really know people? That’s how it was with this friend of mine. Over the years I thought he was a horror fan but then realized he specifically only liked possession movies. He’s Catholic (no problem)and I began to realize that he really believed in possession (problem). This became scarey to me when he talked up waiting to get revenge on people, once fantasizing about poisoning, and when telling me that he felt like killing everyone in a Barnes and Noble we were just in. I’m still scared of this person. I had to very awkwardly break off the friendship. Too personal, but it’s Halloween so what the hell.

  3. Alien is probably my favorite all time horror film. American Psycho is what I find the scariest and it’s because of it’s finale, the monster walks among us and with the right connections, is unstoppable.

      1. Yeah, not a pure horror movie by any means as a lot of it is satire of horror, the 80’s & American capitalism, it’s probably more that then a horror movie honestly but the finale creeps me out two gold. One is the again, the monster that walks among us, but moreover, how are we implicit in that or are we the viewers the monster & not realizing that

  4. For me it’s all about 1978 Halloween. Insidious, Paranormal activity, and It Follows were really great recently (the first two being really scarey and the last being just awesome). The Mothman Prophecies from a little while back terrified me. If I think of any great recommends I’ll post more.

  5. All great picks. I have a soft spot for John Carpenter’s 70’s/80’s stuff, so for me I have to go with Halloween for my traditional Halloween horror. Some other favorites have already been mentioned (Alien, The Thing, Nightmare on Elm St.) On the lighter side of things, I also adore The Monster Squad, Shaun of the Dead, and the Evil Dead series.

    Last night I did an impromptu horror marathon. I watched, in order: Halloween, An American Werewolf in London, and Scream. It was awesome, I wish I had the energy to watch more, but I passed out.

    Other favorites of mine include: Cronenberg’s The Fly, The Ring, and Trick r’ Treat. Also, while not technically a “Horror” film, The Vanishing (1988) is one of the most terrifying movies I’ve ever seen, highly recommended.

    1. I’ve seen the Japanese original Ringu (great film) but not the American remake The Ring. Heard good things about it, though . . .

    2. The Vanishing is terrifying (truly horrifying horror is horror that can happen). I’m a big Kiefer Sutherland fan and a big Jeff Bridges fan and that movie is a big reason for my fandom. Scream 1 is sooo good but doesn’t lend itself to multiple viewings because of the mystery being solved (I saw that it only got like 3 stars on Netflix and was disgusted). Who rates stuff on Netflix? Angry people? Monster Squad, Shaun of the Dead and Evil Dead II are some of my favorites. The Ring is one of the greats and Trick r Treat is sooo fun to watch (more people should watch that). What a great marathon.

      You have great taste in Horror dude. Of course I already knew that… Hellboy.

      1. Thanks! I hadn’t seen Scream in a long time, so the nostalgia factor made it very enjoyable; bummer that it has such a low rating on Netflix, people are lame.

        The Vanishing I was talking about is the original, from 1988 directed by George Sluizer. It’s available from Criterion Collection, if you have Hulu+ you can view it there. Trust me when I say it blows the remake away.

        1. Oh, you know what? I think I’ve seen the original on HBO or something when I was teen but I didn’t connect the two for some reason. I don’t really remember much though so maybe I’m wrong. I’ll definitely check it out.

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