Giant Size Non Halloween Related Loose Ends Halloween Special

You thought the Star Wars links were stopping last week: HELL NAH

Over at Deadspin, Drew Magary argues FOR Return Of The Jedi while at I09, Germain Lussier speculates as to what role Luke Skywalker plays in The Force Awakens

New Yorker profile of French/Arabic cartoonist Riad Sattouf

Brian Hibbs gives a retailer perspective on pitching product to shops and how All New, All Different Marvel is missing sales expectations due to Secret Wars delays at CBR

The CBR staff get together to draft their dream Supergirl comics creative teams

Tina Howard gives five reasons why girls should love comics books at Teen Vouge

Marjorie Liu talks her new series Monstress from Image Comics, recovering from trauma and Asian American identity  at Comics Beat

Sketched talks with Jonathan Case about The New Deal

Declan Shalvey talks Injection at Paste Magazine

On Tumblr, Jim Zub answers a fans question about comics social circle and how they relate to breaking into the industiry

At Grantland, Shea Sereano and Jason Conception rank the greatest horror movie monsters and decide on things like, best outfits, best one liners & more

Arthur Chu writes about his first hand experience with SXSW’s supreme fuck up on the anti-gaming harassment and gamergate panels. Speaking from experience; just go to SXSW for the concerts, drugs and BBQ, everything else is superfluous

How Jem & The Holograms fails as a franchise reboot film in a way that no other franchise reboot film has failed before by Charlie Jane Andrews on I09

Kalia Hale-Stern explores the comedic genius that is Ken M at Gizmodo

I don’t know if this proves my point in the NBA being the closest thing we have to real life superhero comics, but you can read the Freedarko crews hilarious and insightful preview of every NBA game this season at GQ to find out

The making of Meow The Jewels

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