What would Donald Trump think about PREZ?

At Nothing But Comics, we enjoy reading the DC Comics series Prez.  Crafted by writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell, the sci-fi political satire follows the adventures of teenager Beth Ross after she is elected President of the United States in the year 2036.

With Democrat and Republican presidential candidates currently competing to get their respective party’s nomination, we dispatched superhero the Red Bee to ask Russell and Caldwell for their opinion on how a prominent Republican presidential candidate might respond to Beth Ross….





Thanks, Mark and Ben.  We look forward to reading future issues of Prez, regardless of whether or not Donald Trump makes an appearance!

16 thoughts on “What would Donald Trump think about PREZ?”

  1. He would hate Prez as much as I love it, unless he’s been putting on an act in the last few months. I loved the last issue and am going to be giving volume 1 as Christmas gifts.

    1. I agree, #5 has been the best issue yet. Now that Beth is actually responsible for running the country, Russell has been able to dig deeper into his satire . . .

      1. Ya, Issue 5 was so fantastic that I was hoping one of you guys would review it so that I could comment on how fantastic it was. It is very political but someone does it in a graceful way (or maybe I’m just bias).

  2. I still say if more Republicans were like Mr. Beebe and more Democrats were like Cosmo, this country would work like the well oiled machine that it used to be.

    Trump is just pandering to the lowest of the low. If Trump supporters spent a month touring Europe they would be ashamed at their ignorance and embarrassed by their inadequacies. Of course, most of them have yet to leave their home town. The American equivalent of Carl Pilkingtons.

    1. Well, the US has no monopoly on intolerance as any cursory reading up on Europe’s current refugee crisis will illustrate . . .

      1. Ya, I didn’t mean intolerance but ignorance. The fact of the matter is that more Americans are ignorant of other cultures than Europeans are. Europeans are forced to learn multiple languages (a lot of the time) and are so close to each other that they have no choice but to realize that there are always other things that a neighbor does better. As far as intolerance goes, I’ve agreed with Pat before about many European nations being much more intolerant of foreigners than Americans. However, when all you have to compare yourself to is Mexico and Canada (I love Canadians and Mexicans btw) then you can assume a lot about how superior one is. Anyone in Europe who thinks they are the best soon gets a rude awakening. Trump’s politics are about the exceptional nature of white people born in the USA, which would be quickly dispelled in an around the world trip. To each their own. The USA does great Hamburgers, great comics, great film and great WWII style world saving but let’s leave some air and some respect for everyone else. Any large isolated nation is going to have similar ignorance; it’s just human nature.

        1. “I’ve agreed with Pat before about many European nations being much more intolerant of foreigners than Americans. However, when all you have to compare yourself to is Mexico and Canada (I love Canadians and Mexicans btw) then you can assume a lot about how superior one is.” yeah but the U.S. takes people from everywhere & negates that we also basically share a border with the Caribbean

          1. The USA is too big to negate that. Most Americans have never had a conversation with someone culturaly different from themselves. Hence, instant superiority and lack of knowledge/ignorance. New York is the exception. Europe is so small with so many competing cultures in close proximity that the result is forced humility and more exposure to the unknown.

            1. “Most Americans have never had a conversation with someone culturaly different from themselves”
              Personally, I think that’s a broad brush and ignores the inherent complexity of it. I’d wager that, many of the zenophobic Trump supporters actually know and have positive relationships with people of other cultures which is actually a bigger indictment of them then if they were just ignorant. If it was as simple as you say, it’d be a lot easier but unfortunately it’s not. I think ignorance is part of it but I think it’s also a willful ignorance that’s a direct result of American’s (and really, it’s white Americans) own hubris of their perceived entitlement.

              1. To elaborate, have you ever heard someone say some other group “worked hard and came up, why can’t blacks do it” and on the suface, yes whoever they are talking about usually worked incredibly hard but it’s also ignoring the basic facts of slavery and segregation that literally everybody should know and that’s not even getting into the deeper seeded effects of redlining, the war on drugs ect or details about other groups. Same thing with the whole “Mexican’s coming into America are criminals & rapists” which let’s look past the fact that’s it’s an incredibly racist and ignorant ass thing to say. Mexican’s coming into the United States are their labor class and they are coming here because they will work for less then American citizens. You put a group of people together and pay them substandard wages without protection from the law, criminal enterprises ended up filling that void because they are able to take advantage. That’s the inherent nature of capitalism that we are all implicit in.
                Trump also said something to the effect of “the Chinese build infrastructure way faster then we do” while ignoring the fact that China is a communist country with an economic system designed to exploit it’s labor force. That’s a republican advocating for socialism, but all of this goes back to the same thing, where the willful ignorance of context can allow you to make any idea sound right.

                1. Man I’m sorry but I have so many thoughts about this. Way I see it, back in the day, America used to build shit both privately and publicly and that along with the post war GI Bill’s provided to white Americans, created a huge advantage to the generation that was born into it. A lot of those people didn’t really do all that well in school or go to college but their was opportunity by virtue of past economic policy. That same generation (baby boomers so you know, tons of them) became the dominant class both economically & sheer population numbers by the 1980’s. Because they grew up with everything, they had not context for what it actually took to get that. So all the sudden, political economic policy switches over to industrial deregulation & cuts to government services under the illusion of trickle down economics & that the lower class was “taking advantage” of the system. This is basically the dominant political philosophy for American government from Ronald Reagan to George W Bush and to be fair, it mostly works until 2008 when it became unsustainable. Now that generation and generations that followed them are feeling the after affects of that economy and policy but they’ve been trained by those economic and policy leaders that led them there to ignore and often actively distrust the educational resources that are available to them. In place, they’ve been given political doctrine and propaganda about the mythical “other” that were the scapegoat for the economic policies that led us to this moment in the first place. They have no jobs, their government infrastructure that could help them has been nurtured and they never took advantage of the educational opportunities they had so they don’t have any skills with real value in the modern economy. What’s left for them? It appears, political ideology. The fact that it’s a reality TV star literally just telling people whatever they want to hear devoid of any substance is the sum total of that America’s own hubris.
                  I’m borderline Gen X/Millennial. I watched the towers fall when I was in high school, I remember Colin Powell standing in front of the UN to actively lie about WMD’s in Iraq to justify a war that was at minimum catastrophic for all parties involved, I was their in the economic collapse a year after I graduated college and I’m going to be part of a generation that’s going to have to clean up the mess those generations left for me. So my take is fuck em, they had everything handed to them and didn’t do shit with it and now they are reaping what they sowed. They deserve Trump, as much as they deserve to see a whole new generation of immigrants come to the United States to take their jobs and populate the communities that they never appreciated anyway. That’s what’s going to happen with capitalism in a liberal democracy, you’d think they’d understand that but this is the same group that see’s a Harvard educated former lawyer that happens to be a black man become President and instantly distrust him no matter how illogical that mistrust becomes.

                  1. No need to apologize. I agree with pretty much all of that. I think that Europeans have an advantage for cultural exchange though because they are kind of in the center of everything. My father used to think England was a big deal until he traveled through Europe, Asia and America and then he shit his pants. He was from a family full of idiots so he was surprised how awesome the rest of the world was. It made him much more humble and little less ignorant (still slightly racist but a little less ignorant). I think my grandmother is still putting hexes on people (fucking evil witch).

                    1. “He was from a family full of idiots so he was surprised how awesome the rest of the world was” you write my favorite sentence every week

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