Loose Ends 11/6/2015

Well it was bound to happen and here look what went down, comics has another scandal. Emma Houxbous reported on questionable ethical implications between Bleeding Cool & Dark Horse Comics in the wake of Hanna Mean Shannon’s hiring from the media outlet to the publisher at Rainbowhub and Bleeding Cools king shithead Rich Johnston decided the best possible response was to publish Emma’s private e-mail conversation because Rich is a dumb shithead.

Jude Terror did two wonderful articles about Johnston’s extended shithead behavior on Twitter & a further examination of the problems with comics media outlets and their relationships with publishers

Over at Comicsbeat, Hedi MacDonald lays out her own experiences about disclosure and comics journalism

While Brett Schenker writes about why transparency matters in comics journalism at Graphic Policy while site contributor Elena Levin releases a statement about the leaked e-mails in relation to the forum it was taken from and Rich Johnston acts like a shithead in the comments section

If you don’t think karma is somehow real or that the universe isn’t working cosmically somehow to balance the scales, consider that as all this was transpiring, Grantland, perhaps the most influential website in the coverage of popular culture, was shut down by ESPN on Friday.

Chris Cillizza writes about why Grantland mattered for Journalism at the Washington Post

Alex Shepard and Mark Krotov eulogize the site at The New Republic

Heather Schwedel takes a focus on Grantlands wonderful network of podcasts at Slate

Longreads archives some of their favorite Grantland pieces

On his podcast, Grantland site founder Bill Simmons talks with co-founder and the New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell about the disintegration of the site from his perspective  in addition to publicly funded sports arena’s, Tom Brady, Obama’s life post presidency & more

And former site editor Sean Fennesay has the final word on Grantland via his tumblr Split Infinitives

Let’s see what else was shitty this week?

Roc Upchruch’s wife took to her personal blog to remind the world that not only is the artist and Rat Queens co-creator and abusive asshole but that CBR, Bleeding Cool & Image Comics continue to enable him

Perhaps the one person in the known universe that might be a bigger shithead the Rich Johnston, Chris Brown rips off a popular manga comic for the cover of his new single

J.A Micheline checked back on Strange Fruit for issue #2 at Women Write About Comics and it’s still terrible

Less shitty things that happened

Sean Connery wrote a James Bond script featuring a backgammon tournament, robotic sharks, real life sharks with nuclear weapons & other insanity

John Siuntres talks to Gabreil Ba & Fabio Moon on Wordballoon about Two Brothers, Brazilian comics, creator owned work & more

Hedi MacDonald reports at Slate about how indie cartoonist are taking their styles to animated cartoons as opposed to large comics publishers

Laura Hudson talks to game developer Nina Freeman about her new video game focused on losing her virginity to someone she played Final Fantasy with online at Wired

Brett White reflects on his own experiences coming out in relation to the recent issue of Uncanny X-Men #600 at his In Your Face Jam CBR column


4 thoughts on “Loose Ends 11/6/2015”

      1. It really was disappointing because as much as I dig the new art, the original artist’s rendition is still how I picture the characters.

        1. Yeah, & in spite of his shitiness, dude is legit a great artist. I haven’t read a lot of Rat Queens but feel like his art is very much a big part of the series

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