Cosmo’s Gallery, 12-14-15

Red Sonja Becky Cloonan
Red Sonja by Becky Cloonan

Batman Dan Morton
Batman by Dan Morton
Christmas Tree Day Jill Thompson
Christmas Tree Day by Jill Thompson
Hawkeye Alex Maleev
Hawkeye by Alex Maleev
Lobster Johnson Sebastian Fiumara
Lobster Johnson by Sebastian Fiumara
Storm Lynne Yoshii
Storm by Lynne Yoshii
Winter Soldier Chris Samnee
Winter Soldier by Chris Samnee
Dr. Doom Tristan Jones
Dr. Doom by Tristan Jones
Solomon Grundy Mike Henderson
Solomon Grundy by Mike Henderson
General Zod Kevin Maguire
General Zod by Kevin Maguire
Misty Copeland Annie Wu
Misty Copeland by Annie Wu
Supergirl Ricken
Supergirl by Ricken

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